How long to Irises take to bloom?

lagataverdeApril 17, 2009

We inherited a bunch of irises with our house. Buds started appearing on them about a week and a half ago, but none of them have opened yet.

Are they not healthy, or do they just take a long time? Once they start blooming, how long do they go for?

They are all circling trees, but most get about 5-6 hours a day of light (even the ones that get more/less are doing the same thing). It has been raining like crazy for the past couple weeks, so it can't be water.

We moved in at the end of July and they were all an ugly, browning, drooping mess. I didn't know they were irises until a lady on a walk stopped to talk to us and excitedly said "ooh, you have irises."

My husband wants to tear them up because they were so ugly when we moved in, but I think the flowers are gorgeous. What can I do to help them bloom and keep them from being an eyesore this year? I think he will be sold once he sees the flowers.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Beardeds grow from rhizomes which produce babies, which in turn produce new fans that will become blooming size. There is lots of information here in old posts. Sunset Garden Book is also a good source.

Buds appear and will open depending upon daytime temps. in your area. When I see color on the buds mine will open within a week - we're usually in the 70's at this time. 10 miles away they are 10 degrees cooler at night but 10 degrees warmer during the day --- they have bloom before we do.

Since they are circling trees they are competing for nutrients. To keep them at their best fertilize with a low nitrogen fertilizer. After spring bloom is a good time. During summer the mother rhiz becomes depleted of energy by producing offspring and her leaves will become unsightly. Some people cut them down 1/2 way --- purely a cosmetic thing. I only remove outer leaves as they wither.

I've gone on too long. Keep reading and post a picture of your first blooms!

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