Japanese Container Gardens?

castorpAugust 23, 2012


I like reading Japanese graphic novels, and I notice that in some of the more realistic ones the characters have in the back garden arrangements of small potted plants. Sometimes these plants are sitting on the edge of the back "porch." Other times they are arranged on shelves. They do not look like bonsai.

I see these container gardens in Japanese classic films too, most recently in "Tokyo Story." The houses all seem have small plants in containers in the back garden. They're arranged on shelves.

I strain to see what they're growing. In one I think I saw a round cactus. In another it looked like a lily. But I'm not sure.

I've never been to Japan (though I'd love to go some day). Anyway, can anybody tell me about these backyard container gardens I keep seeing?



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Maybe the small container gardens fit in with living in apartments and smaller houses?

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