greening of blushing bride

sunnytopJuly 29, 2009

This is my 3rd year with blushing bride and the first year for their white blooms to turn green end of June. The petals were very small, blooms smaller than usual although there were a lot of them. Usually they remain white for me and when they do turn, it is beautiful pinkish, maroon and purplish colors, never green. The whole plant grew huge and seems healthy. But what's with the green blooms early in the summer? Anyone else have that experience? If that's what it's going to do from here on out, I'm inclined to tear it out and plant another variety.

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it is normal for bb...i have a couple of blushing bride nin my garden...the blooms open up white with a pale blush (pink or blue)...then turn green...then to pink, maroon...then finally brown by late bb begins to bloom in late may, and if i let the blooms to hang on..that's the color chg sequence i notice from them...i sometimes deadhead the blooms in july - if i have time - then i get a second flush of blooms by end of really a much better bloomer than endless summer, it literally blooms from late may to late oct for me in new jersey...the biggest downside for bb i found is the tendency of leggy growth, thus flopping blooms...but as far as reblooming flower power, bb is among the best i have grown...the green blooms are normal...

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