Plant Now or Wait?

cfieldgrowerAugust 8, 2013

I recently purchased six JM cultivars(grafts) that are all around 4 years old and very healthy in containers. Most of them are dwarf and semi dwarf and around 2-3' tall. The person who sold them to me has taken very good care of them. I want to do whatever I can to increase their chances of survival, so my question is: Should I plant them now or wait until a better time for planting? I can easily store them in a shed through Winter and plant in early Spring if that is what's best. I am in Central Virginia zone 7. and the JM that I have are:

Goshiki Kotohime
Kato No Ito
Acer jEmmett's Pumpkin

Thank you for any advice. I know this type of question gets asked all the time but I am not asking if it's OK to plant now but what is the safest time for planting these JM's

Bill in VA

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