best time of year...spring or fall

groallApril 23, 2010

I have always planted my beardless Iris fans/divisions bought or grown, in the spring unless I had something potted and then i'll plant any time buy recently I was told by a grower they divide and ship in the I am there a better time of the year to divide and plant.....I like to get a good start on the plant for next years blooms.......

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Being a commercial grower in OR, we allow the plants to bloom and then start digging approximately 6-7 weeks later and for us that means July August and Sept.

That allows the rhizomes to store energy and food needed for the winter so you will have a nice spring showing.

Hope this helps


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Yes Denise it does....being just around the to speak...I have been looking for a large selection of Japanese, Siberian and Louisiana iris to plant around a new pond area and I have tried several adds looking for a large selection with low funds, thinking folks would be dividing with little results...this is probably why...I should try later in the summer.....I might have better luck....if you have a large selection of unknowns lying on the cutting room floor at a good price, let me know..thanks

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Denise, should have looked at your "site" before I have a great "site"/online Page with very nice photos of your flowers and I must say a very nice selection.....I like every one....don't think my retirement check will go far enough to fill the area I have but when I have a special spot for a special flower, I'll be looking through your online catalog.....

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Thank goodness irises increase! That's one reason I like them so much. When you buy a rose, you get just one. When you buy an iris, you get enough for a whole garden in just a few years.

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