Will this TDS meter work?

little_nickyJuly 2, 2008

All the hydroponic stores online are selling TDS meters for $100+, So I figured that fish stores might sell them as well.





Will these meters work just as well as the higher priced ones? Are we getting ripped off because we are buying from hydro stores? I'm checking out my local fish place on the way home. What should I look for in a tds/ec meter from a fish store?

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Keep in mind that some TDS meters only read up to 2000 PPM. I have a cheap Hanna and it stops at 2000, so if I want to grow something that can take a super heavy PPM, Im outta luck.

I'd check out a shop like wormsway, or amazon.com, or if you do buy from a petshop online Ive had great results from Dr Fosters and Smith and PetSolutions.com

You can also find some deals on Ebay but I'd buy new up there, dont buy a used one unless it's from a friend that took care of it

Also get some calibration solution!! My site has some details on how I use my PH and TDS meters in my "water quality writeup"


Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.TechnologyGarden.net

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If you want a TDS meter, just get a truncheon. Hit up eBay and get a new one off there for about $40. They're factory calibrated so you don't have to mess with them.

Buy one now or buy one later, but once you've got one you won't want to own anything else.

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