Your experience with newer Blyth's hybrids?

alina_1April 13, 2010

Hello everyone,

A couple of years ago I bought my first Irises. I was absolutely stunned by the pictures of newer hybrids. I especially liked many irises hybridized by Barry Blyth.

Last year I was rewarded with wonderful blooms on 'Pirate Ahoy'. The flowers were a little small, but the color combination and the flower shape were amazing.

'Decadence' formed a large clump with very large fans, but it did not bloom. I was slightly disappointed.

I really hope it will bloom for me this year.

I read that because these hybrids came from Australia, they take more time to get accustomed.

What is your experience with new Blyth's Irises? Do they bloom for you? As prolifically as American hybrids?


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I have been growing Barry's stuff for many years and there are some things that come up often, some of these traits have been bred out in the more recent intro's
Some are very early bloomers
Some have narrow foliage
Some have very unusual coloring, that's a good thing :)
Some have smaller flowers

But basically after the first year in the US they behave like any other hybrids.
Pirate Ahoy does have smaller flowers
Decadence blooms freely, and the flower color can really change with temperature.

Iris I imported directly from Aus came in February and needed special care - potting up in the greenhouse for at least 2 months to get them growing roots before planting out in May. They don't bloom that first spring, some bloom that fall, then normal bloom the second spring.
If you are getting your plants from a US grower they should be acclimated 2nd year or more plants.


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Thanks Chad!
I got mine from Mid-America and other US vendors.

Did you have any experience with 'Astrobubbles'?

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yes, I got that one "direct". It's still around but has not been great so far.
Mid America has been a very reliable source for me.
Joe Ghio lists a lot of Blyth's as well, but is often sold out as he has limited stock.

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