Argrihouse Light Arrays

c00rdbJuly 6, 2009

Has anyone seen these "light arrays" for sale? They claim that they are not LEDs, and aren't HPS or CMH, so what are they and do they compare better or worse than these other solutions?

Here's the link:

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The "light arrays" are Biax Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

Basicly untwisted CFLs.


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So I'm guessing it'd probably just be easier and more effective in your opinion to go with some HID lighting than this?

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I don't actually know much about lighting at this point. I'm planning on using CFL coiled lights or FL tubs to germinate seedlings when I need them. I am still studying lighting systems before I put much money into them. I have to assume that if NASA is throwing vast sums into R&D on these systems that they at least think there's promise in them, though that doesn't mean their up to snuff at the moment.

If I was just in this for the easy, I'd limit myself to planting in soil. Though I guess tilling and weeding isn't exactly easy either. B)


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