Tomatoes limp

planecrazy29July 21, 2010

I have a Botanicare Turbo Garden that is a 25g rez with table. It's the ebb and flow version. I started with tomatoes from the greenhouse and cleaned and re-potted them in Sunleaves rocks. I flood the table 3 times during the day (lights on) and once at night. I'm using Fox Farm nutrients at the recommended rates (1600 ppm). I have fruit that is looking nice and appears to be growing (albeit very slowly) but the plants are starting to go limp. One of them is yellowing and has a mosaic looking pattern on the leaves. The light is a 400w MH Agrosun bulb on a 12 hour cycle. Any suggestions? I'm trying to do this as organically as possible. I realize that the Fox Farm nutes are not 100% organic.

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In hydroponics 0% organic is generally considered to be a good thing due to Ph stability and bacteria/algae issues. Some of us even go to the extent of utilizing ultraviolet sterilization to kill every living micro organism in our nutrient solution. If you must have 100% organics, look into aquaponics. Good Luck.

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