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Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)June 20, 2014

I've been in the world of hosta people for only a few years now, but I'd observed the interaction of the nursery folks and the hostaphiles who frequented them, and the way the AHS was entwined through the ranks of both. This week, I was on the receiving end of an act of generosity and kindness that left me speechless--and that does not happen too often. Since Tuesday I have held this act of generosity close to savor it privately, in the heart of my garden.

Who would not want a Dorothy Benedict? Who would not treasure a Sally And Bob? Well, both are HERE. They are HERE! Because a Giant sent them to me out of the blue!

Jeff Miller of Land Of The Giants sent them overnight express and they came Tuesday morning. When he called to make sure I'd be home, he said he was sending a "present" .... never saying more than when my DH brought the box to me, imagine my surprise to remove the protective wrapping and have standing before me a giant sized Sally And Bob, multi eyed, with three scapes emerging from the leaves, ready to go to work making streaked babies in south Alabama.

Okay? That was amazing. Then the smaller bundle yielded an even greater surprise. A DOROTHY BENEDICT? Oh you have to be sitting down for that one! Such an amazing gift, such a significant hosta. There she was, in my hand, mine to grow, mine to hug if I want to.

That was Tuesday morning. The two star hosta immediately went into pots and each sits on a bistro chair in the heart of the garden....where normally my DH and I take our Saturday evening champagne. They were surprised to be immersed in a humid world of spanish moss and camellias and blooming jasmine, but like royalty they dealt with it.

Here they are, first public appearance. Treasured symbols of the kindness and generosity of true Giants of the hosta world.

(Ms.) Dorothy Benedict

Sally And Bob

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Mocc, I am truly delighted for you! That is such a wonderful gesture on Jeff Miller's part. Obviously they appreciate you and the business you send their way and they went the extra mile to show you how much.

Well deserved, I think...and one of those special moments in your life. Thank you for sharing your amazing news and these beautiful, beautiful and special hostas!

Enjoy growing your treasures!


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Very nice lookers Moc! You must feel like the queen the south. I am sure now you feel the NEED for ordering just a couple more.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Beautiful,Mocc!! All I ever get for free is a hard time from some people. I sure would like to find those two sometime! Phil

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

You aren't the only one, Mocc. He gifted me a plant of Dorset Clown and another of Sand Pebbles. Just an amazing act of sharing and generosity. I get the feeling that we aren't the only two to whom this has happened. I know that he has been instrumental in fundraising for Building A Dream in the Country, and other charities. This is just the most generous of men.


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What a wonderful surprise, and Sally and Bob...boy! Lucky you!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

What a great surprise! And this is twice now that I hear of good things from LoTG. First Bkay and her freebie Manhattan and now you. It really does speak volumes about what a great guy Jeff Miller is.

Congrats on your new hosta!


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You truly deserved the lovely gift. Enjoy! WW

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hostatakeover swMO(6a)

Awwww, your story made my evening, Moc. I'm so delighted for you! I hear only good things about the Millers, and my own experiences with them have always been positive.

No doubt your new babies will love their new digs. :)

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Mocc, how awesome is that! Congratulations.

Jeff Miller of Land of the Giants sounds like a wonderful guy!

Don B.

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Just ordered him for the first time a few weeks ago, I'm sure glad I did. Love to hear stories like this. And mannnnn I'm excited about your plants. DB is on the top of my wish list, can't wait to watch yours grow!

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donrawson(Z 5)

Jeff is that kind of a guy. The hosta world is lucky to have folks like him! I've received so many wonderful gift plants over the years that it reminds me that it is more about the wonderful people than the plants themselves.

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mstrecke(z8 Seattle)

I just received a LOTG order today with an extra Ice Age Trail, extra Gypsy Rose and a DB from Jeff as well.

I sent him an email letting him know in case it was a mistake. My first thought was UT OH I got someone else's order! Until I saw the word "Gift" on the tag.

I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming. I was not prepared for what was in that box!

Thanks for mentioning the charities Steve. I will have to look into them and find a way to pay the kindness forward.

This really made my month.. If not summer.


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Steve, thank you for telling me. I was humbled by receiving such a magnanimous present, there are others would be as appreciative and more deserving if that was the criteria. This speaks of a man who pays attention, who knows somehow what is in our DREAMS.

It was like reading a story called THE DAY THE GIANT GAVE PRESENTS. It ends with "....and they all lived happily ever after."

Many people have good intentions in their heart but hold back and let the moment pass. It is important, I think, to NOT suppress the impulse to be kind. A kindness might be the one thing that the other person needs to keep going. I call it "The Last Straw." For in reality there is such a thing now popularly called "tipping point" ..... If a kindness can tip toward good, how much happier the world would be.

Jeff--and his wife Penny--gave my world a rainbow filter. I wish them both good health and prosperity.

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I am proud to have him for my Hosta Brother!

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Here's a pic of my Hosta Brother with my wife Marie from the AHS National Convention in Cedar Rapids Iowa last can say he is my bigger brother with a great big heart!

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Congratulations, Mocc. I'm sure you have been an excellent customer, but isn't it nice to get such a wonderful surprise? Very happy for you and your new plants - they couldn't go to a better home.

OT - Sue Spece spoke at the convention, said the hosta society had raised $70,000 of the money for the BADIC house. Pretty impressive for such a small group.

Jeff is the one who talked me into buying Golden Needles at the convention. I don't do a lot of minis, but it felt so leathery - great substance.

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Moc how are your lovelies doing?

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Kate, just got back from a road trip. Will have to take a look out in the garden tomorrow morning.

When we left 3 days ago, they were doing great.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Jeff sent me a Dorothy Benedict as well this summer. Very cool. He also let me buy a hosta that was not in his catalog at all and that I have been looking for all year, too! I have asked every major retailer and couldn't find it, but Jeff had it and sold it to me. I really appreciated that, as well. That is defin the way to grow your customer base, although I don't think that's why he does it. Very generous, indeed.

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I have an order of streaked beauties being shipped this week. With my concussion I have on 3 separate times told him I wanted Allan P. Mac Connell when I really meant Allan C Haskell. I somehow even managed to order a hosta that I never even heard of! Its been an interesting week. He has been a very good sport about my plethora of emails. The last email subject line I sent to him was: I'm an idiot no way to sugar coat it! I'm really glad he has a great sense of humor and somehow all along knew I wanted Allen C. Haskell. I'm so glad he speaks hostanese! :)

Looking forward to your pictures Moc, I hope you had a nice road trip! :)

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Kate, be gentle with yourself. When I was much younger, I had doctor's orders to not lift a finger for 10 weeks following an operation, and it was the first time in my adult life that I actually pampered myself. You have an equally good REASON (not EXCUSE) to do the same now. It will do you good. The fact you are getting a glimpse of your foibles says that you are on the mend. Enjoy the healing process.

I took pictures yesterday and TAGGED them last night. Now I'll upload them to Flickr. If I upload them w/out the tag words, I must do it twice and so I've formed the habit of tagging first, uploading second. Less effort in the long run.
So here are the two gifts from Jeff and his wife Penny Miller at Land Of The Giants.
Sally and Bob 8-09-14

Dorothy Benedict 08-09-14

Both get morning sun, maybe a few long rays of really late afternoon sun which gets beneath the shade by the sasanqua tree.

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bernd ny zone5

Jeff had offered me a DB too, but I have so many streakers now from his 10 or so packs of streaker seeds he sent me 3 or 4 years ago, that I have no space left, and they are getting bigger. Actually I also have a large DB from his seeds blooming this year.
And I did something good with his seeds last Saturday, donated 20 or so streaker seedlings to the Hosta Society plant sale.
He really is a Giant guy with great heart and plants!

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