Brestenburg - Outside or Inside??

mommanature(z5)July 27, 2008

Hello All!

I received a Brestenburg Hydrangea as a gift. It came wrapped in the pretty gold foil, and was blooming beautifully. It died back a bit, but now its sending out more buds and leaves.

My question... Is this a hydrangea that could be planted outside and left for the Western New York winters, or should it be left in a pot and wintered indoors? If potting is the answer, what kind - where to keep it - etc. Thanks for your expertise.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Congratulations on your new gift, mommanature. That is a nice present. Unfortunately, it will not be able to survive Zone 5 Winters and will need winter protection techniques if planted outside. If planted in a container, you will need to bring it into an unheated room -like a car garage or shed- once you get your first frost of the season (remember to water once or twice a month while dormant!). This variety can be planted outside without protection up to Zone 6. And it should be able to handle more than 4 hours of sun (part shade) where you live.

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'This variety can be planted outside without protection up to Zone 6. '

Meaning zone 7 and up.
My two inground attempts resulted in a two semi-dead bodies the very next spring, forget about blooming.
Otherwise, it's a great cultivar and worth the problems of overwintering.

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As a kid, I remember my grandmother burying egg shells around her hydrangeas. Is this good for them? It sounds like I need to keep my Brestenburg in a pot. I have lots of egg shells that I could add - Good idea?

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can i plant my brestenburg out side ? and do i dead head the dead flowers? seem like mind requires a lot of water. the leaves are turning brown and falling off. the flowers droop and then after i water them they perk up. thank -you joan

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

It can be problematic if planted outside in Zone 6, let alone some of the colder zones in Illinois. Read ego45's experience in Zone 6 above. Deadheading can be done at any time. But you can leave the plant outsize in a spot that gives it afternoon shade and no-little wind. Potted plants do need more frequent waterings. If the plant leaves are turning brown from edges, it could be lack of moisture. Insert a finger into the soil to see if it feels dry or almost dry; water if needed. Top it with some mulch to help reduce the need to frequent watering.

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