Save and Endless Summer?

rootbeerloveJuly 30, 2012

I'd always wanted hydrangeas, but hadn't wanted to put the work in until we bought a house. We did in October, and this June my husband bought me a beautiful, large, endless summer.

I planted it in the sun, as that was what the tag recommended. When it started to look sad, I called the nursery, and they said to move it into deep shade. That didn't seem quite right to me, so I moved it to a place where it gets about 2.5 hours of sun each day, in the afternoon. I can't find a place on my property that gets morning sun only, lots of trees.

When I transplanted I used a root stimulator. The plant has never gotten better, only slowly worse. We are in a drought here, and have been watering daily. At no point have the leaves looked yellow, just green and wilted and falling off. Is there anything I can do to save this plant? Right now most of the leaves are gone, but it does seem to still be growing new ones. I even have a tiny wilty flower.

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whiteforest(6 MI)

Afternoon sun would wilt the leaves in my experience, especially with the high temperatures and lack of rain in most places this year. And being transplanted twice this year adds extra stress. Is there any way that you could put something up temporarily to screen the shrub from the sun until it has a chance to establish itself?

I have an Endless Summer that gets less than 2 hours of late morning sun, and maybe a slight touch of super filtered evening sun and it does great there, despite the tag saying to plant it in sun. Prior to this, I'd planted 2 Forever & Ever that also said plant in sun. One gets about 2 hours of late morning sun, the other gets only filtered evening sun and nothing more. The one that gets only the evening sun does far better and is much less maintenance than the one that gets 2 hours of morning sun.

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