Shelf life of nutrient?

timiddogJuly 24, 2010

Hi, I'm trying out a small bubbler setup with lettuce and a friend gave me a small jug of nutrient left over from when she tried a similar project at least five years ago. Does this stuff go bad, or lose its potency or anything? It's Hydrofarm Hydroponic Nutrient, liquid, all purpose 7/7/7 if that makes a difference. And would it be a good nutrient for lettuce?

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Well I guess I'll try and repost this again. I seen your Q about shelf life of your nutes you got from a friend.. I'm gonna bet all in and say more than likely its expired. I would suggest do one of two things .. 1 buy some new juice to or if that's not really in your budget right now . . You can 2 look into compost tea. Trust me you can't buy this stuff lol. Google it or I can ace you some time. And give you an entire compilation if you would like I been usin it as well as family and friends sooo cheap to make anyway goodluck

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