forever and ever together

mrsdurbin1July 28, 2010

I am a first time homeowner and first season gardener. I Adore hydrangeas, however have had 2 plants I have killed (2 different varieties) already, either by not planting in the right area (insufficient sun?)or the soil was poor. We have a thick clay soil so I believe this was the major factor.

I just decided I have to try again, I love them too much so today I got a Forever and Ever Together at Lowes. It is still green blooms and only about 18 inches tall. I want to plant it on the south side of our house, there is nice sunlight around mid day after it gets above the trees and then doesn't stick around too long. the area used to be a rock bed and we tried to dig the rocks out but its not clear of them yet...Should I just dig a larger hole and use topsoil to backfill? Should I fertilize? Does this particular plant need more sun than just a little at mid day? We are zone 5, in west central indiana...I am willing to accept any tips anyone has, I really want this plant to take off and provide enjoyment for the years to come!

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Most Macrophylla Hydrangeas I would suggest only morning sun. Although the Togethter handles mid day sun very well in my experience. Remember the first year it will wilt very easily and will need watered daily in heat waves. My Together's now after being established seem never to need additional water. I would dig out a hole atleast twice the size of the container you are planting and replace it and mulch very well. Also the Together is a very reliable bloomer.

If you would like a nice companion reblooming hydrangea for the Together. I would suggest a Let's Dance Starlight. It handles sun very well also and is a very reliable bloomer. Along with it stays a smaller size also and it is a lacecap flower instead of a mophead. I think these two look very good in a planting together.

P.S. I would hold off on any fertilizer till next Spring. FE post on their website to give them 10-10-10 in the Spring. They should have fertilizer already in the soil from the nursery.

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I got one of those for my friends garden. It is doing well and the color of the blue is awazing. It is a deep coral pink color with white edges. I think I am going to get one as well as since I have planted it about 4 weeks ago the plant has doubled in size
i got it for 12 at Lowes!
beautiful beautiful flower

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I snapped a few pictures of one of mine today.

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