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firefly1330July 3, 2012

I have been having a problem with fungus gnats for over a year now. I have tried everything under the sun and have decided I am going to go all hydroponics/hydroculture on my houseplants.

I have found a lot of good information out there about transferring plants from soil to non-soil. However, one thing I can't seem to find any information on is about transferring older plants.

As seen in the photo below I have a large snake (mother-in-law's tongue) plant. I actually have two sets of the plant. I am not exactly sure how old the plant is since I adopted it from the college.

Is there a way I can transfer this plant without killing it since it is used to living in soil for so long? Any suggestions would help me out tremendously!

Thank you,


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The process is the same only way may want to root prune/divide the plant and turn it into several smaller ones.
Also, pruning the branches helps too. less vegetable for damaged roots to feed. Just be careful and take your time and most plants will rebound.
usually, a heavy layer of river gravel over the soil (in the pot)will deter fungus gnats by keeping the gnats away from their food source.

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Thank you grizzman! I'll keep you guys up to date.

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