Pruning or cutting Nikko Blue

lee_paJuly 5, 2009

I cut the bulbs off my Nikko blue today as an experiment. I cut the bulbs off one plant and left the bulbs on the other. I hope I will have blooms next year on the one I cut. I'm new to gardening so any help is useful. Here are my questions.

1. Will I have blooms next year.

2. When is the best time to prune Nikko Blue.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Nikko Blue blooms on year old wood (ie, from wood that matured last year). If your winters are too cold, the buds will die.

Folks in cold climates do better with paniculatas (called peegees), also remontant macrophyllas (reblooming mopheads) because both kinds bloom on new wood.

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There's a house in our town with a hedge of Nikko's. They never prune them. Some years it blooms, some years it doesn't. It depends on the winter and that's pretty much it. The buds survive or they don't.

Good Luck!

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Lee - I'm in Montgomery County, PA and my Nikko Blue blooms on old wood. What you cut now, should rebloom next year. You can cut off the dead bloom anytime and still get new blooms but no further down than the old bloom. If you want to trim back the bush, do so right after blooming. My mow and blow guy thought he was doing me a favor and cut back my NB drastically in the spring and I only have a few blooms on it this summer.

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I work as a gardener on an estate in Greenwich, CT....last year the 30 or so Nikko Blues we have flowered beautifully....this year, very few, very disappointing. I guess due to the harsh January around here. Didn't seem to be any particularly late ,severe frosts.
Like 1simms says, pretty much hit or miss in our marginal area. I think some people north of here dig them out and store them indoors in a protected area each fall.
When we planted these 3 or 4 years back, it would have been better to use more of the endless summer or forever young(?) varieties that bloom on new wood.
The Annabelles, oakleafs, and paniculatas are doing beautifully. I have pruned some of the Nikko blues in the past 2 weeks to limit their size.

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