Iris sale GRRR

Nancy zone 6April 9, 2012

I've always been so pleased with my iris from our local iris society sales. Got a couple that just bloomed for the 1st time from a sale 2 years ago. BOTH are wrong! The only ones I bought that year that didn't bloom last year, I think.

Not Team Spirit

I bought Wonderful World from the iris sale about 5 years ago, it was wrong. They talked me into buying it again 2 years ago. Don't you hate having to wait 2 years for something to bloom, only to find out it is wrong :(

Neither one are bad, just not what they are supposed to be. Think I will take pictures & see if someone can ID them. Used to have a lot of problems with the sales, but that was before they started writing names on the rhizomes.

Couple others in bloom, they seem to be right :)

Tennessee Gentleman

Cloudia-appropriately named, this one is TALL

Just a photo of one of my columbine seedlings. You never know what you will get with seedlings :)

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Nancy zone 6

It really does look like Stellar Lights, doesn't it? I'll have to see if it is in their display garden. Most of their sales stuff comes from their public garden. I may drive by & see tomorrow if I get a chance. I know they have Elainealope in their garden, so that may be the other one. Annoying, since I bought Elainealope at their sale last year. It has a bud, so I should be able to tell soon.
Thanks arilbred!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

What a brummer not to have them be what they are supposed to be.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Gnu Blues!!! to light for Elainealope. IMHO!! Beautiful no matter they all are.

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Nancy zone 6

Gnu Blues! Yea! Now that would be nice, I don't have that one. Would explain why Elainealope is going to be maybe a week later to bloom. It does look like Gnu Blues! Thanks, Aqua, I'll check to see if they have this one, I'm thinkin' they do.
I have a beautiful blue iris blooming by my back door. I couldn't remember planting it, been thinking it is one of my blues that I can't tell the difference one from another. I was down weeding, & whaddya know, a tag. Blue Skirt Waltz. I remember getting it last year, apparently didn't write it down on my master list. Sure is a good thing I found the tag. I do love my blue iris, & have collected a bunch over time, & have at least 3 that bloom at the same time & look virtually the same to me-height, size flower, beards, everything. And so hard to tell from on line photos just what shade a flower is. May depend on the day the photo is taken too, so I'll never know which is which. I do have them tagged, but I'm inclined to think they are all the same plant.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Beautiful form on that first iris. I have not had that happen yet from buying irises at my society sales, but I have gotten the wrong irises from online sellers. It's so disappointing.

Blue Skirt Waltz is a pretty one too. I have a master list now too, and everything is tagged, but I don't have near as many irises as you. I'm going to slim down to about 25 when I divide this year, and start developing some big big clumps. I have a pretty big clump of Rip City and of Total Recall, but the rest are still small.


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Nancy zone 6

My problem, Renee, is I have space :) I'm getting rid of most of my historical iris, I don't care for them that much. I like the large flowers. I will still have too many, but I have an addiction, unfortunately. I tell my husband I'll quit my plant addiction when he quits his cigarettes. At least mine is healthier & prettier.
I have a few iris that have made big clumps, they really make a beautiful statement. Of course, several are those historicals that I'm kicking out. I got rid of a ton last year, but some of the rhizomes seem to have escaped & made new clumps already. Other iris refuse to make clumps, just multiplying enough to have a blooming stalk the next year.

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Your flowers are beautiful I especially like your tennessee gentleman. It's a shame that you didn't get what bought.

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Nancy zone 6

As Aqua said, it wasn't Elainealope, mine just opened & definitely not Elainealope :) I went by the garden today, they did have Stellar Lights, & looks the same as mine, although I think the flower looks bigger on mine. I didn't see Gnu Blues. I'll have to talk to them when they have their sale, or maybe at the iris show if I go. Someone may keep a list of what they sold, or remember what was there. They seem to know each other's gardens pretty well :)
Thanks, Devonfawn. It is a shame, but it happens sometimes. At least the one I thought might be harder to ID has been taken care of. Gnu Blues is a definite possibility, & the iris society don't usually have these broken color iris, so I think that one will be definitely identified. I'll be happy to have Gnu Blues.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

And I forgot to say how much I love your columbines. I have never seen any like that before. Mine are singles, not all ruffly like your seedling. Gorgeous!

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