What's wrong with my Jap. Stewartia

callicarpa89(z6 MA)August 24, 2005

I noticed in the spring patches of missing bark on my Japanese Stewartia. I have pictures if anyone can help. Stewartias are known for their peeling bark but this seems like it may be some type of borer or problem. They are at the bottom of the trunk, there are a few. The tree is 6 feet, I have had for 1.5 years.

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Please don't use the word "Jap," even if it is an abbreviation. I find it offensive, as do others. Perhaps you might consider using "JP." or "Jp." instead.

Are there actual borer holes at the base of your tree? Does the tree seem healthy other than the peeling bark?

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Please share the pictures. I assume you have snow cover for an extended period and that the patches are at or below the snow level?

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