Any input on this diy homemade hydroponic solution?

stumbo2wJuly 15, 2009

about half way down this page:

There is a detailed hydroponic solution, seems pretty complete and all of the minerals are readily available and pretty cheap online, especially compared to "designer" nutrient solutions. I could grow a lot of food for pennies a day :D

Any input? Feedback? Alternatives?

Thanks, I look forward to discussing this.

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Hi stumbo2w,

There is nothing wrong with the formula you gave (via that link), I checked it by ingredients and PPM of each element and found it more or less correct. Still I would recommend a slightly different tomato formula from my personal point of view and experience.

I also started with a few simple recipes I found online or in books. But soon enough I discovered that I didn't have enough knowledge. I also screwed up my first batch, because I did mix calcium nitrate together with other sulfates, Harmless chemical reaction, but 4 liter of concentrate were spoiled. After that I wanted to verify these formulas and eventually modify them. Well, it took me two years of googling, studying and experimentation, to finally be able to calculate and mix any possible formula, and fully understand what I am actually doing.

There are several things nobody tells you, like the difference between actual (elemental) K and molecular K02, as well as actual Mg or Mg0. And a bunch of other things you really need to know. Well there are several good sources of information, but in the beginning you may not be able to connect all those info and details and see their relevance. Also, the way people instruct to mix trace elements is rather complicate. I would simply recommend to dissolve one gram of copper sulfate (for example) in 1 Liter of water, to get exactly 1 cc equals one milligram. This is easiest for me, it may sound complicate to others who are not used to theses measurements , though.

Anyway I finished up with my own Excel table that permits me to calculate content of ingredients equals PPM and NPK formula of any possible (and useful) formula. Once you have got the plot, this part becomes obvious and easy to use. The other part (and problem which still persists for me) is that many info on formula are contradictory. Even professionals and respected people in the field are often using and suggesting different formulas and growing concepts.

One big advantage is that you can relay on scientific sources instead of manufacturers instructions and (after-words) be able to understand the language of studies from Universities, as well as their ways of testing nutrient formulas. You then can seek for scientific publications about nutrients, fully understand them and use them for your purpose.

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Here is another guyz site with instructions on building your own nutrients.(not my site) I find it interesting.
Also This page does a fine job of explaining concentration. And This page is a good example of how to calculate a formula. in fact all the data provided on Daniel Fernandez's site is useful. My only caveat is his self buffering solution does seem to work for me. my pH seem to always hover around 7.5, though I can't say I've seen too many ill effects due to that so far so it may be the heat affecting the reading, I don't know. Or maybe I've got too much natural carbonate dissolved in my water supply.
Anyway, I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input guys. Ive been growing in ground for a while, and I decided this winter I want to build a hoop house and start growing hydroponic food for sale, I am greatly concerned about the rise in fuel prices caused by the inflation and we will inevitably see, which as we all know will increase the price of food, making it more profitable.

I really look forward to studying the links above and hopefully learning how to formulate my own nutrients.

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