Is it a cardinal sin to divide bearded iris in spring?

mersiepoo(6)April 16, 2008

Just curious, I had promised some to people...just interested.

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There are plenty of folks on here who know much more than I do; however, I know that IF you wish to see bloom in the spring, planting should occur in late summer/early fall, depending upon where you live. If you dig them now, you won't see them bloom, and the friends you give them to won't see them bloom until next year, if that.

Unless I was moving and had to dig, I wouldn't touch them!

Just my .02.


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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

I just did, only because I won't remember the colors
in the Fall, So just to be sure I sometimes just divide.
But that me !

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As long as you're past your last frost date, it won't hurt the plants to dig them now. As Mike mentioned, though, it will most likely cause this year's bloom to abort.


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Well I dug a month ago and one is setting to bloom. It all depends on the stock.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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mshadow(z4 MI)

One year I moved one of my rows of iris. I did it early before growth was very tall and took as much dirt as possible, a few of them I divided. Not one of them bloomed that year. I will never do that again!


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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have divided iris in the spring for a long time and they have never failed to bloom the next year.


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Hmmmm..I better wait till after they are done blooming, plus I don't want to give them the wrong colored ones!

Thanks everyone for your input! Patience is a virtue with dividing irises, I guess! :)

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I divided my bearded Iris rhizomes today (mid Apr 2009). They have just started growing their fans. So they are still small. Based on my research, I guess I was supposed to do this in early/mid July (after blooming season). By dividing and replanting my rhizomes with their baby fans... have I inadvertently killed my Iris plant? Or will it not bloom with flowers this year... since I divided the Rhizomes just as the fans were coming out? Help!!!!

Because I did this, what can I expect this June?

(Uhhh... I'm a newbie to gardening)

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Nancy zone 6

You didn't kill it, but it is VERY unlikely to bloom till next year. I divide any time after they finish blooming.

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If your freinds are worthy of your iris, they will wait for the proper time to plant them. :) :) :)

Honestly, I have a friend who loves iris, but who is forever digging up her flower beds. Each years she digs up something and moves it, and then wonders why things don't bloom doh.

I won't give her iris because by July, she's forgotten that she asked fo it all and it's too hot yadda yadda.

She's one of those fly by nighters who just wants to plant in the spring. feh.

One spring she ordered iris from Mid-America, not understanding that the iris wouldn't ship until July. Well, by July she was cranky and didn't want the iris, so I took it and planted in a community garden bed. Believe me, I had better things to do than plant her bloody iris, but I couldn't let these nice ones (Aardvark Lark! Starship Enterprise!) go unplanted and I didn't have any space at all.

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berrytea4me(Z5 CO)

The upside of spring division.....the plant will be more likely to put its energy into increase.

I took tiny starts of a bunch of iris at bloom season last year. Because of the extra time in the ground the starts have put on many fans and some are mini-clumps this spring. I'm quite sure I'll have lots of bloom from them this season

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