asian inspired garden

misierraSeptember 9, 2007

Any suggestion of how to make this garden more asian would be appreciated

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow! Beautiful!

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Very nice!
I think a low snow-viewing lantern (yukimi doro) near the bridge would be cool.
Also, are you planning on filling in the back fence, maybe screen out the neighbor's house? Some type of shrub/tree screen would give some "enclosure" (tm).
Just a couple random thoughts.

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yes i alredy have two lantern,one is the metal one located around the pond and the other one is out of the picture at the bottom right and besides a pompon austrian pine.i had a bloodwood japanese maple that died this summer,but this month i got another one and planted in a spot that is going to close the view to my neighbour's house.

I am still looking for suggestions on how to make this more "japanese", although i like to have a lot of plants in my garden

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Well, from looking at your pic again, while I think you've done a nice job with shrubbery and rocks throughout, if you're aiming to produce a specially "Japanese" effect (tm), you'll notice you really don't have any Japanese-style pruned plants in your garden :-). Think how some strategically placed cloud-pruned pines would change the visual effect of your yard, for example.
Do you know how to do cloud-pruning? If so, adding some pines in appropriate places would move the look toward a more "Japanese" effect...

Another thing that comes to mind would be to experiement more with typical Japanese rock arranging. For example, your foreground in the pic has a green shrub in the midst of a gravel bed; perhaps you might consider removing the shrub and putting in a typical "dry" style 3-or-5 rock arrangement. One of the characteristics of Japanese style gardens are the "clusters" or "islands" that are created, either using rocks alone, or rocks combined with low shrubbery. I've given a link below to a couple "islands" in the Seiwa garden to give an idea of what I'm getting at. Notice the sanzon island in the middle, and a different rock-and-shrub arrangement on the left. Both are good examples of how to create "clusters" that employ Japanese arranging techniques.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seiwa

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi all
Plese don't take as offence.^^ I just counted so called Asian counties. 23 nations which has uniqe culture, rich in heritage and all Asian country are diffrent from other neighboring country. some place is cold as northan Canada and some Asian counties have tropical weather.

Japanese authors/writers do same. Like this" In Eroupa and Ameriaca, They are doing this, that, ^^ He/she is not thinking Guatemara nor Mexico when write about America.

It is not hurting anyone when we say In Euorope or America so dose Asian garden. We all mix up. ^^.

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