Rocks - then & now

HerbSeptember 8, 2005

These are pictures of a rock arrangement in the Tea Garden of the Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver.

In the left-hand picture, the rocks (in 1970) look much the same colour as rocks I've seen locally when they were newly excavated. The same rocks have later shown up - after a thorough hosing down - as blue as the rocks in the right-hand picture. The right-hand picture was taken today.

Apart from the rocks' change of colour, the most noticeable change is that the hedge has been removed. The ground cover is different too.

Click to see & compare

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The two photos don't have the same exposure/color balance. It's pretty obvious if you look at the plant foliage.

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KNR - I think you've got close to the explanation, & I was mistaken to assume there'd been a drastic change of colour. The older picture was taken using Kodak colour film (Kodacolor, I think) - and I digitalised the left-hand picture from a print which had probably faded over the years. After reading your post, I looked at some more pictures taken at the same time as the left-hand one, and at least one of them does show some of the rocks with a slight blue colour - Click to see it

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patjonking(z7 VA)

I suspect that weathering can eventually make even an ugly rock look decent, but I wonder how long it would take.

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