Just got Incrediballs--have a ?

veryzerJuly 31, 2009

I just got a couple 2 gal. from Sooner yesterday and planted them promptly. Of course the leaves were drooping out of the box....still drooping today which I doubt is strange at all. How frequently should I water them? They have morning sun and we're looking at temps. in the upper 70s-lower 80s in the short term.


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if you give the plant a good drink already, do NOT give it another one until the soil is slightly dry out on the top...I have no idea how extensive the root system is with these 2 gal plants...the 1 gal size ones I got from sooner in April were pretty puny and some folks took the plants out of the pot and plant them into the ground...the leaves droop, so they water more...and whamm, the plants died from root rot...give your plants some time to recover...avoid direct hot afternoon sun at all cost..if the plant losses some leaves, so be it...better that than overwater the darn thing and kill it...I recall sooner ship these things thru ground, they operates out of Okie...it can get pretty hot during the transport...so there is a chance the plant didn't survive the shippment..if your plant really looking sick and dying, you should take pictures and give sooner a call..they are fairly good with replacements...good luck.

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Thanks for the tip....I was considering watering them again. I think they're still in decent shape--no yellowing and the stems are still upright. I already contacted sooner, but I'll take your advice and get a couple pics.

The root system seems pretty decent to the eyes of a newbie.

Thanks again.

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