Water Issue with Outdoor Hydroponics

Hubert13July 29, 2012

Hey guys.

I'm a little noob to hydroponics, but have done tons of research did fairly well with my first outdoor system. I'm using a dutch bucket system, and seems to be working good. However, I'm having a water problem. Its been so hot here I can't keep enough water in the tank. I have to fill it up almost everyday. I don't have any leaks in the plant buckets or the piping. Any advise or tricks on keeping the water/nutrients in the tank longer during very hot temps?


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It can be a lot of extra work but if you freeze water bottles and throw them in there it will help keep the rez temperature lower. Another thought is moving the bucket to a location in the shade if possible.

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I'm not exactly sure what kind of system a dutch bucket system is, but make sure there are no openings in the reservoir (other than input/ ouput lines) to limit evaporation.
The other culprit is transpiration. If it's really hot and you have a lot of plants, they'll move a lot of water through them to cool off. As Ethno pionted out, cooling the water will help (cooler water cools more while moving less of it)but you may just have too small a reservoir for the number of plants being grown.

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