Pest control for Japaneese Maple

RyuuSeptember 17, 2013


I noted that a pest of the Pulvinaria family. On several plants near a spot where I wanted to plant a Japaneese Maple. I know that they can attack maples so I would like to have the pest population under control/gone before I attempt on planting a Japaneese Maple in close proximity to other host plants. I have a chemical solution that works on the bugs, I would like to use a more thorough method with chemicals as the last option.

I tried google. It largely refers to attracting natural predators. I have problems of identifying the indigenous predators, and how to attract them, still the search points to wasps and ladybugs. Any plants that can be used that discourages outbreaks Pulvinaria pests?

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Early Spring black aphids get under the leaves and suck the sap, soapy water and a hose down will remove most of them and let the birds do the rest, try to hose the under side of the leaves good luck.

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