endless summer blushing bride

karen1earthangel(5b)July 12, 2010

saw it today at the nursery and was awestruck. It had HUGE white blooms with hint of pink. Anyone have this one??I may go back and get it since I could use another white one

is it as easy to grow as Annabelle or more like the endless summers etc?

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msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))

Hi Karen -
I have one and it is doing great. At first I thought I was going to lose it because the leaves burnt and overall it looked very sick. However I started deep watering it (hose on the base of the plant for 5-10 minutes) and it has bounced back.
Here are a few photos.

They are now just showing the "blush"

Good luck with it if you get it.

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

Mine didn't flower after the first year and died after the second or third winter. I won't be replacing it.

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I really like the Blushing Bride. It has never died back to the ground after a winter in my yard. Always the first Hydrangea first to bloom also. Although needs shade from the mid day and evening sun. Deep watering required the first couple of years. A+ in my book

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thank you//loved the pictures above. It is so pretty. I have annabelle but it seems to look a little whiter and with the pink it is very different. I think I am going back to get it!!!!love it
thanks so much

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(Sigh) I'm inlove with my BB. It is pure white unlike my Annabell, first to bloom and while my other two ES and Annabell are whilting my BB is standing proud! Out of all of them it is the one I enjoy staring at for the longest and it shouts "look at me" from afar. It is part of the ES series so it is a rebloomer as it grows on old and new wood. I highly reccommend it!

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another question please
do the blooms get so big that they weight downt the stems / I went to look at it again in the nursery and the blooms are HUGE..I am planning on getting it tomorrow but what do you think or will they be smaller in my own garden maybe//I meant these were twice the size of my annabelle blooms

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Here are some pictures of my BB which is in the same area as my Annabell. Although my Annabell is under an overhang which offers protection from the rain. The BB was planted in the fall and the Annabell this Spring. I have heard that if you don't cut Anna down in the fall or spring and leave her as is that she will produce more yet smaller flowers that won't flop as much. I intend to try this for next year.

My BB as you can see does not flop at all.

You can see the faint pink blush as well as a faint blue on the bottom flower to the left:

Here you can see the first blooms and at the back the new blooms forming so that you can see that it truly does bloom it's heart out. I do winter protect it.

A close up:

Here is my Annabell which is starting to flop on one side. Mind you I water at the base and it doesn't get rained on either.

The Annabell however is true white:

Conclusion: If you want pure white go with the Annabell. If you don't mind a faint tint to the flower and want something that blooms longer I'd go with the BB which from afar looks a brilliant white.

I consider both to be reliable bloomers but with Anna you don't have to winter protect. I'd go to the nursery and put them both side to side and compare to which one you like most. Or like me, you could just take both home with you ;)

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I too am in love with Blushing Bride! Don't worry about the flowers being extra large on a nursery plant, that's due to all the extra fertilizer they inundate the plant with! Next year I'd skip the fertilizer or only give it a tiny bit and I'm sure your flowers will be a "normal" size. Mel, your pictures are lovely........

If any of you get a chance to buy a Madame Emile Moulierre, don't pass it up! It's another very beautiful white, a very old cultivar! Recently,we were lucky enough to just fine a small plant.

Madame Moulierre

and Blushing Bride, you can see the difference in the petals, Mme Moulierre has larger petals and they are serrated.

Blushing Bride


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By the way, Mike I was just looking at your pictures of your Blushing Bride and is it my imagination, or are some of those flowers double?? Maybe it's just an illusion, but if they are double, you sure do have a special plant there!! Take a closer look at your first picture and see what you all think! If you do think that some of the flowers are double, you might have a sport, and that is the way some of these new cultivars are discovered! You would have to take cuttings of those particular branches and see if when they bloom if they are double again. I know some varieties such as Domotoi consistently give some double blossoms on some of the flowers, but I didn't know that Blushing Bride did that. As I said, maybe it is just an illusion.

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msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))

Hey Donna,
After reading your post and closer inspection it does have double blooms. Some have two extra petals while others have three. Here are some close ups -

It's a great little plant, I'm just so mad that it's turning brown. It's planted facing east and get morning sun until around 12:30-1:00pm. I'm not sure what to do about the browning. Any suggestions?

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If you don't want to propagate that stem, make sure you at least mark it with a ribbon to see if it gives double flowers next year. Is it the only flower on that plant that is double, if it is, than it could be a sport and you should at least mark it and keep track of it. As far as the browning, I don't know yet, maybe it's just damage from too hot temperatures, I've got some of that on some of my blue plants, and a couple of the lighter ones got fried. May just be a casualty of the horrid weather.
Back to your double Blushing Bride, maybe you should start a new thread with all those pictures including the very first on and ask for an opinion, I don't think everyone is seeing your post.


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