growing red bell peppers indoors

fenderman(Pacific NW)August 23, 2005

I have one single red bell pepper plant growing indoors in a single General Hydroponics Waterfarm. I just harvested my first red bell today! I was wondering if a red bell pepper plant just keeps producing and producing? How long might I expect it to live/produce? Also, do I need to cut back my hours of light for optimal production? I've got it under HPS light, for 18 hours a day. Would cutting back the hours replicate "autumn light" and increase production?

Thanks in Advance!

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frangeb(z10 So. Calif.)

Hi, Fenderman!

I have a single red bell pepper plant growing outdoors. It has the place of honor on my patio table - the only place on the patio that gets enough sun to grow much of anything that needs sun. My answer to your question, based on this one-in-a-row experience, is that you'll keep getting peppers as long as the plant continues to get new growth. I harvested three acceptably large red bells just about 1 1/2 weeks ago. There are presently 3 or 4 that could be harvested, one more just beyond the flowering stage that seems to be developing well, and a couple more buds, on new growth, that have yet to open. On the downside, those presently ready for harvesting are distinctly smaller that the first harvest. I don't have any ready answer for this. Lack of care on my part, perhaps, or something environmental, perhaps. I find that a lot of things in this game are "perhaps"

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