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daylilyluver(z6)April 15, 2010

how many varieties of iris do you all grow? Multiple clumps?

Presently, I have 55 varieties and 2 potential orders for 27 more. 1/2 will be in their 2nd year and for the other half, this is their first spring. Looking forward to see what pretties bloom!

Ack, It's a disease!!!

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Nancy zone 6

I have over 200 named, a few more unnamed iris. Definitely a disease. I keep telling myself no more, just divide what I already have will keep me busy. But these miserable, disease riddled people on this forum keep posting pictures & I see more I just have to add to my garden. It is very contageous, fortunately I don't have it as bad yet as some people here. Before it completely takes you over, I recommend the only cure I know-dig up all the iris you have & send to me immediately. You have to quit cold turkey :)

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Ngraham, I was just reading along minding my own business when I got to your last sentences and spit my pizza all over my keyboard.

Daylilyluver, I am already drooling, no, it's not the pizza, it's the anticipation of seeing your iris photos. You will post photos, won't you?

I have 29 different irises and six more on order. I have removed dozens that were single-bloomers or colors I no longer want, but I planted many of these at my two neighbor's houses or my mom's so I could still enjoy them.

I am trying to narrow it down to a few spectacular performers that I can grow into large clumps in the garden. So far only Total Recall and Frequent Flyer have met the test, all the rest are on trial. So I guess I'll be sending them to ngraham if they fail the test.

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mooseling(Z5 CO)

I have over 100 named varieties of bearded irises. I also have some unknown/unnamed varieties, a few Siberians, a few species, two spurias, an arilbred, and three Louisiana irises. At the moment, I have room for about 50 new varieties. In the future, I can move well established clumps to other areas of the yard and I imagine I could have well over 200 varieties of bearded along with a few more of the other types. Oh, and I forgot that I do have two little Siberian seedlings at the moment too, so that collection is already growing. And hopefully I'll have beardeds seedlings soon as well.

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Have to clarify...I looked at my list, I have 42 varieties, a double counted some multiples that I have.

Last night I did finally place my order for the MDB/SDB. I refrained myself and only ordered 6 varieties (and 1 TB). Figured that I'd better pull the trigger as I just kept going back to the website and was adding more and more to the list.

@ Renee:
I'll do my best to try and get pictures with my inexpensive Kodak. Peak bloom for me will be probably last week in May, first week in June. I may need some help posting pictures here as I've not done that before.

I hope that everyone else will post pictures too. I love to see everyone's gardens.

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Nancy zone 6

Sorry about that REnee :)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures. I just posted a few of mine that are blooming in the gallery. Just SDB & IB iris blooming right now, but buds are up on a lot of others & seeing more every day

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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

None of you have it as bad as I do! 1,100 total cultivars and counting! My collection can be view at the link below. Don't ask me how I'm able to fit all that into my city lot...I don't know myself!

Brighton Park Iris
My Iris List

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Nancy zone 6
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