Challenge to Washington Marriage

labrea_gwFebruary 25, 2012

In a Referendum Challenge to Washington's New Marriage Equality.

Republican Attorney general a Chief Floater tried to slip some of NOMS wording into the referendum.

The phrase was loaded this Attorney General is a full Republican Diaper Load for trying to be so cute!

Oh you don't like the attorney generals Wording take us to court & so to court they went.

"Already, lawyers for Washington United for Marriage have persuaded a Thurston County Superior Court judge to rewrite McKenna's proposed language for another measure, Initiative 1192, that religious conservatives hope to get on the fall ballot. If passed, I-1192 would reverse what the legislature just did by essentially reinstating a Washington law that until recently defined marriage as being between "one man and one woman."

Here is a link that might be useful: Loaded Words

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Why are Republicans and Religious so interested in what happens in our bedrooms and personal lives? Are they not gettin' any? Or are they just doin' it wrong?

But seriously... asking this question once more, knowing no answer is forthcoming... how does same sex marriage affect anyone else, besides the happy couple?

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McKenna is positioning himself as the Republican candidate for govenor. Since Governor Gregoire is not running for reelection and the past two govenor races have been unbelievably close he has a very good chance but like most Republicans he is moving right as fast as he can. We have a history of weirdly worded Innitiatives where you have to vote no to mean yes or vice versa-I am so against the idea of innitiatives. While seemingly better being closer to pure Democracy it is impossible for people to have the information they need in order to make informed choices-that is why we have a representative form of government. Our representative government has made same sex marriage a right in this state and yet now they wait for the loonies to see if they can bend public opinion or just confuse people-so very wrong.

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Wouldn't it just be swell if our political leaders decided to tackle some of the very real problems our nations has? Instead of whining about who marries who, and what women get to do with their own private parts? This is just like a bad cartoon we're all being forced to watch.

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