schalfbackAugust 29, 2009

This season I mainly grew lots of peppers using homemade buckets with cedar chips[dutch method] Next year with peppers I am thinking of using bottom 3inches of chips with a coffee filter [ prevent pump clogging] over my discharge to the holding tank and using potting soil for most of the 3 gal container.This way I think I can use miracle grow as my additive instead of more expensive hydro liquids or powders.I will still use a timer on day light feedings of water.I will still use a cir pump etc. This would be very similiar to web sites growing tomatoes up side down and feeding them water every day and miracle grow. Any opinion on this method......thank you

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If you're relying on soil microbes to produce available nutrients for your plants, you're really getting away from hydrponics.
Also, the system you're describing, as I interpret it, seems like a lot of extra . . .stuff, for nothing. if you're going to use a dirt basedmedium to grow a plant, why bother with any pump. just develop a wick system then you have no opportunity for mechanical failure.
Follow this link for instructions on how to build the system you want. no pumps, just dirt, water, and fertilzer. I intend to build a few of these m'self next spring.

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