Photo from Seattle Garden tour

Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)September 13, 2004

Hi all,

With a big thank you to Greg I can post this photo of the University of Seattle Japanese Garden we toured while at the Symposium. Hope you all enjoy it.

Cheers Jando

Here is a link that might be useful:

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coachsmyth(4 Canada NWBC)

Lovely picture- all in all looks very serene
but...(there is always a but)I do have one quibble- Does it not look like the lantern in the foreground on the waters edge looks quite wobbly and unbalanced? Maybe its just the angle but with the rocks in the water and the lantern looking wobbly it looks quite unstable. (as though something has fallen in and the lantern is next to go)
Of course- maybe its just me thats wobbly??

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

Hi Steve, here is another angle of the lantern. Do you still get the same feeling? Sometimes photos make us see or feel things differently. I didn't get the feeling you describe while I was there.

Cheers Jando

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ScottReil_GD(z5 CT)

Hi Jando,

Nice garden; interesting lantern. I can't say I've seen that style before, but the stability thing isn't a big issue for me.

That path, on the other hand...


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coachsmyth(4 Canada NWBC)

It looks better from that angle. I think the issue was that I couldn't see the little "feet" that hold it up and it was looking like it was going to roll into the water. The rocks already in the water didnt help matters either. I concur with Scott- the path doesnt light my fire.
thanks for the pictures tho!

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To me, the lantern look less than stable in both pictures: it looks precariously balanced, even when the feet are visible. And I agree, the path is less than pleasing to the eye. I'm tempted to work on it all with Photoshop.......

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LouisWilliam(Z5 MA)

As long as we are trashing the path - it reminds me of many wide board engawas I have seen in Japan. At corners however, they invariably miter the boards to meet equally. This path lets one leg dominate the other by running past to the pond edge - it feels unbalanced. Such a tragic waste of such beautiful stone.

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

Again photos create a single view. It did not seem unbalanced in full view which I don't have a photo of. In the photo it seems to stop but it has another turn to the left and continues connecting to another path. It actually bridges the paths on either side of the pond and is very balanced. The short span joins the two longer areas of the path. I found it to be pleasing to the eye. Again photos don't always capture a full view. I didn't want you all to believe the path just ended as it appears in the photo.

If the boulder and lantern gives you an uneasy feeling what would the solution be? A larger boulder? Different style lantern? Or no lantern at all??? Or something entirely different????????????

Cheers Jando

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After fiddling with the photo some more, I think I prefer no lantern in that spot, but that's just my personal feeling.

There's something jutting out into the lake from the left that may be a gravel promontory that I think could use a lantern at its tip. On the other hand the 'promontory' may be water lilies which would make that difficult....

I can post your picture, doctored to show this, if you like.


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coachsmyth(4 Canada NWBC)

Personally- I'd use a different lantern with legs that look more solid and anchored. Of course, Id have to have to come up with the money to pay for it first......

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didgeridoo(z7 SC)

Nice photos Jando.

I also visited the garden and found the lantern in question to be well situated and of an interesting design...reminds me on a enso done in sumi-e. I feel that the space needs a lantern so one will know the boundaries of the path in the evenings while moon viewing. Perhaps the lantern is even echoing the moon reflecting on the pond?

I agree that the craftsmanship and materials of the path could be improved, but in defense, I recall a common concern mentioned by many of the garden directors was the limitations of providing accessibility conforming to ADA standards while continuing to maintaining the aesthetics of the path.

I have posted some other Seattle JG photos in the gallery for anyone interested.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery photos

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

Christian, Right back at you, nice group of photos. And you are right, because of having to make paths handicap accessable they loose some of the freedom to create the paths. The tea house area was one of my favorite spots. And the enterance was amazing. There was also one large boulder that created four or five different levels of water falling in the hill side stream. Now that was wonderful placement and what an effect it created.

And Herb I'd like to see what you come up with, go for it!

Cheers Jando

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Jando - Thanks for letting me fiddle with your picture. I've uploaded 2 versions to Pbase. I think I prefer version 2 (assuming that the lantern does have gravel to stand on and not water lilies!!).

What do y'all think?

Click here for version 1

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

I am afraid Herb I have to disagee with you on both photo's. In the first one that is just the wrong type of lantern for the area. And the second one takes away from the beauty of the willow reflected in the water. In both photos the path jumps out at you and just doesn't appear to belong. Sorry
Cheers Jando

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Jando - Yes, I have to concede that in the first one, the lantern isn't the right sort & in the second it does distract from the willow reflection. Nor is the new path ideal.

My problem still is though, that I don't care for the original path and even less for the original lantern! (Frustrating, isn't it?)

But your picture's taken from an excellent perspective & presents the garden as a whole very attractively.

Cheers, Herb

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Jando - I give up completely on the lantern (apart from removing it!) but as a last kick at the can, I've tried this sort of path: though I'm a bit diffident about making a Nobedan path with a curve in it.....

Click here

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edzard(3b Canada)

--perhaps part of the 'bother' may be explained that the garden from the second entrance (normally used) enters into a Momoyama garden which retains the learning aspects of the Confucian ideal (gardens of Moral and Learning) and where the bridge is, seen in the photo is an Edo 'revival garden' from the Heien tradition of boating gardens,..
Walking through the unused main gate, one would decide to enter the Momoyama side by turning left or the Edo / Heien boating revival, by turning right.
the Yukimi with the hole in it, has a subtext of "in memory of".. the walkway behind becoming almost modern pavement,.. perhaps Meiji. Above this pavement is a Taihei lantern, Chinese ->> Korean overtones, sent as a memorial lantern.
... there already is a Misaki (btw, sits only on peninsula) in the Momoyama portion of the garden.

Does this change the like or dislike of the Omokage lantern? or does the meaning fit the location? like or dislike now being immaterial? (omokage is the yukimi with hole in base w. stubby legs)

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

Herb, the visual effect of the path in your latest photo looks like it belongs in the garden. But I still like the original Omokage lantern and it's reflextion in the water. Perhaps if one was actually there to view it is what makes the differance.

And as always it is a pleasure to hear the meanings of the lanterns, if you have the time Edzard I am sure we would enjoy hearing the history of this lantern. Why and how it is used within the garden. "In memory of" plants a seed in my mind to use one in the garden for my father's memory. Or perhaps another lantern would be more appropriate.

Thanks and cheers Jando

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enyardreems(Z7 NC)

Can anyone tell me about the trees around the pond? I am looking to do some things like this along my creek. Any suggestions would be welcome. Zone 7


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