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oakleaf33(8)August 19, 2010

After reading all the follow ups on the seemingly detoured subject of riversand and the wise words of mike, grizz, and hydro, oh and word wiz we all seem the regular bar flys in here ha ha!! Might I drift we or some of us all seem to drift into the realm of the mad scientists from time to time. We all know hydro better than 98% of the people in our respective areas. I have been experimenting and sponging information for a good many years and have concluded that ... We all have encountered endless combinations of setups and variations of hybrid systems and methodos. Everything from your local 5&10 to hitechs online. Though we all have varying ideas and definitions they are all the same at the core. That is love and facination of growing plants against conventional ideas and methods. Its the tireless efforts of people like us who's ideas & and work finally gets noticed and spreads the word slowly but surely across the world so that technilogical advances can be made In leaps n bounds to better society. In the big picture in a funny way we are similar to politicians in session but we're all better than those greedy fat selfcentered ... You get the idea. We all have the same common goal and ideas unlike them. Becuz regardless if your a backyard crackpot or a retiree puttin food on the table, deep down we all truly care about findin a better, easier, more exciting way of growing plants and food for fellow earth lovers alike !

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Well Said Oakleaf,
I'm sure you had no intention of starting such a controversy over the definition of a word. I would probably have never began toying with hydroponics had it not been for a lack of sand where I live. Hence my User Name. I think it would be an interesting experiment to see if the sand could be retained in the net pots with panty hose or something similar. Do you think the roots would be able to push their way through without releasing the sand?
P.S.Grizzman Is right, We should learn to agree to disagree and move on or get back to the original topic. We've all disagreed before and I'm sure it will happen again.
Good Luck,

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