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Nancy zone 6April 30, 2012

I've been slackin' on taking pictures this year, & here it is slowing down here. I've missed several entirely, but here are a few.

Iris bed

I think I've shown Darcy's Choice before, but it has just done so well

P.T. Barnum




Tumulo Sunset



Orange Pop

Good Vibrations-

Bye Bye Love

P.T. Barnum

Gypsy Romance

Costa Rica

And an oldie, Mulberry Rose

See all the sad looking empty stalks in the backgrounds of several of the pics :(

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My Good Vibrations were looking much more orange and the beard was much less prominent and the band on the falls was wider and the white spot was bigger. Are you sure your Good Vibrations is true to name? Or is it just lighting that makes it so yellow?

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Nancy zone 6

Hummm, well, I moved it last year & the tag is gone. I also have Tangerine Dream that bloomed earlier. Maybe I have them confused. It is not really yellow, same color as orange pop & Tumulo Sunset, but now that you mention it, it does seem lighter than it should be. I'll have to wait til next season now I guess to work it out. Although Tangerine Dream is supposed to bloom earlier. Of course, could also be wrong entirely.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nancy, you may have some finished blooms in that iris bed shot but it still looks smashing blooming away there. What a lovely view to look out over. I think my favorites here might be P.T. Barnum and Blatant. But they all look good!

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Oh gosh I love the peonies. I wish we could grow them here.
I really like Darcy's Choice. It's got the colors of Starship Enterprise but it looks like it does much better in the garden.

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A striking iris border there, Nancy. I like Gypsy Romance. Someone stole mine--dug up the entire clump. I'll have to replace it.

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EVerything all together is so nice! You have so many beauties! P t Barnum, Darcy's choice, Vigilante...who doesn't love Gypsy romance? And your Diabolique reminds me, I don't think mine bloomed this topsy turvy year. I hope I haven't lost it. You have many very beautiful iris.

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Nancy zone 6

Rita, I do tend to sit back & just admire my yard when the iris or daylilies are in bloom. I adore the dense, lush look like you have. I often wish I had just enclosed an area close to the house & worked on something similar, but I just didn't know how & make it look right. Not good at designing. Also, I have always wanted my driveway lined with flowers & it is getting there. Looks good from the road & I get complements even though it is quite away from the main road.
Renee, it is a shame you miss out on the peonies, but I don't feel too sorry for you :) Your garden is magnificent, I'm green with envy to see the plants you grow that I can't! Didn't I see a photo of your brugmansia, here or on another forum? I tried them here, but way too much trouble to overwinter so they can bloom in time. They overwintered in the ground, but were just ready to bloom by the time it got cool. I don't have Starship Enterprise, but Darcy has done really well so far. Got it from our iris sale in 2010, they don't give out huge rhizomes, so I'm pleased with how much it has multiplied & how well it has bloomed.
Mantis, I only have one one stalk from Gypsy Romance, but it is gorgeous! I am so sorry someone took your plant, a whole clump! Nasty. I keep hearing about plant thieves, but "knock on wood" it doesn't seem to happen here. At least, I never hear about it.
Thanks Kay. I missed getting the first bloom on Diabolique so that is why the crazy photo :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Ha, I have to have a closely packed garden as I have to shove everything in my small space. And you know I have tried different plants and they often die for me so I just stick to the ones that I can grow well. Fortunately daylilies and iris do great here!

I do love that driveway side bed. I think you have done a great job on it. :-))

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isn't it funny about plant thieves though? If i see something that I like I just go and ask if I can have a bit and i've never been turned down, one lady even gave me almost half of her clump because it was getting near time for it to be divided.

I'm sure that if people just asked they would more than likely get what they wanted without hurting others.

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Let me tell you, the plant thieves I have experiences don't just take a piece; they take every last remnant. Just this weekend, they dug up huge peony clumps; they seem to be partial to red. They are worse than ground hogs!

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Nancy zone 6

Good grief! I'd be tempted to put in a security camera. I sure hope I never have that problem.

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nancy i'm with you a security camera and maybe let the dog loose on them just for good messure. Darcy's Choice and Costa Rica look amazing.

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