grizzmanAugust 3, 2012

So I think I'm going to build a trough to flood a number of pots in. (maybe recycle one I made previously) I want to line it with vinyl flashing to waterproof it. So my question is this: what do I use to seal/adhere the pieces together with? Will silicon do the trick?


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Gorilla glue to adhere, then seal with outdoor/water-proof silicone.

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Aquarium sealant works, but I think the 100% clear silicon from the hardware store is the same stuff for less money. You can rough up the surface a little with steel wool to make it adhere better.

I would just give up on the sealant, though, and use a pond liner, tarp, or heavy plastic sheeting. It will last longer than the sealant.

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well most tarps aren't waterproof and the plastic sheeting I had before; was easily punctured, wan't lightfast, and didn't press into the corners very well.
I'll check out the pond liners. $/ft^2 is less than the vinyl so I'll give it a look.

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