Shooting Star

msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))July 18, 2010

I found this great Shooting Star at my local grocery store. I almost didn't buy it because of all the trouble I've had with my last store bought, however I couldn't resist. I transplanted to a bigger pot and will keep it inside until the fall. Will it be OK to transplant in the fall or should I keep in the pot until Spring?

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While you CAN plant it now, it would require frequent visits -almost daily- to the planting site to make sure that it is doing ok. Better to keep it in the pot, in a shaded location near a door to the outside, until temperatures moderate. This minimizes the amount of time that it takes to check it out and water it. PS - Temperatrues going down to the upper 90s does not count as "moderating". Hee hee hee.

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msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))

Thanks Luis! I do have it sitting next to a window sill where it gets late afternoon sun. Is the reason for keeping it by the door so it can get some of the heat when the door opens?
After temps "moderate" - you think I can plant it then?

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