use of atrazine over irises

flatwoodApril 19, 2010

What, if any, grass herbicides can be safely used over irises. Atrazine 4L is the one in question.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I don't know the answer to your question, but irises are particularly susceptible to deformities from even the least little bit of Round-up drift. I suspect they may be just as sensitive to other herbicides. Can you contact the manufacturer of the Atrazine? They would know.

If you experiment, would you please post the results here for the rest of us?


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I feel that I am, unfortunately, an expert given that I live in a development with grounds crews who spray herbicides with regularity. They wiped out almost a whole bed one year, and this year even the slightest drift (I'm guessing) deformed my first bloom which opened last week("Daughter of Stars" looked like Creature from the Black Lagoon). Fortunately, the other flowers are normal. That's why I say that the spray must have drifted.

My advice: if you have grass, pull it up with your hands (that's my advice for everything, though, so I'm prejudiced for sure).

Mike in SC

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Thanks for the replies. I have not learned anything yet, however, I kinda feel like irises might be susceptible since they and grasses are monocots in the plant world. I will post if I discover anything. Thanks.

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Just finished looking at labels and a product named Fusilade II appears to be labelled for use over the top of irises for control of some grasses. PLEASE read the label for the product and use only according to directions,don't depend on my interpretation to be correct. Contact your extension personnel to be sure!!

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