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Don_BCAugust 29, 2005

I did a websearch for a hydroponic nutrient calculator, and one came up, authored by one Jorge Menendez, at HAL-PC.org. I tried it for a couple of days, and it worked well, then it was gone from that website. I emailed the author, and as yet have not received a reply to the email.

This program was pretty slick. If I put into the fields, the required NPK, etc. that I wished to mix up, it came back with the quantities needed, of raw salts, to make this mixture, albeit it was 28 times too strong. His reasoning was that you could use 1 oz. of the formula, per gallon of water mixed up, and it would provide the required nutrient strength. In my opinion, that makes for a lot less measuring, one time for the initial batch, then after that it would be quite simple to mix up the required amount for each feeding.

Has anybody ever heard of Jorge Menendez, and if so, how could I contact him, other than the HAP-PC site? Failing that, does anybody know where one could obtain a similar nutrient calculator, for another source?

Thanking you in advance;

Don F.

Savona, BC


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There were several substances that were insoluble &/or not recommended for hydro on that site. Read up on percent concentration & you can do your own calculations. The best sites for understanding this are basic chemistry sites. Get a periodic table, a calculator, & by educating yourself you will find it is not that difficult.

Read the thread "fertilizer compounds." Pay particular attention to the postings of DHershey. It is a good thread, so I will bump it up so it does not fall off the forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fertilizer compounds

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