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andrew78(6)April 16, 2010

Hello everyone,

I live in zone 5 in western NY and planted 2 reblooming iris collections from Springhill nursery. I also have another iris that blooms late spring/early summer but not sure exactly what kind of iris it is. It forms dense clusters but not like the bearded iris. My main focus is the bearded iris and I wanted to know what are other people's favorite bearded irises are? I really like the reblooming iris. Any way to get more blooms of this flower. I think one of the varieties is an orange color. I would like to add more but not sure who sells the best bearded irises. Anyhelp would be great. I will look for my order form from Springhill so I can find out the names of the irises I now have. Oh and I forgot to mention that they all are growing now and I can't wait for the flowwers. What is the best fertilizer for me to use on them? Sorry for all the questions but bearded irises are kind of new to me!


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Hi Andrew,

Did you know you can search this site? There are posts on fertilizer and sources.

Don't know if Springhill sends iris labeled with name but if so I recommend you save them in 2 places - on the plant and in a file. People who get bit by the bearded iris bug lament not saving names of early purchases.

Since you're in zone 5 rebloomers may be a disappointment. Frosts often nip new buds. Also check old posts for peoples' experiences in cold winter zones.

Lastly you may have better success buying, at first, from growers in cold winter climes. Here's the page of links from the AIS. I've used BlueJ in Nebraska and been very pleased with percentage of 1st year bloom. Lots of good information available on this site & at each grower's site.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Iris gal,
Normally we don't get a good freeze till November and Springhill is in Ohio and around the same zone as me so I should be good to go. What about the other suppliers? Any suggestion?

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Hi Andrew,
Oh no! Get ready for iris fever.
I hope you have good luck with your reblooming collection from Spring Hill. I am a fanatic for reblooming irises, but I live in Southern California, where they do well. The irises you bought from Spring Hill may not have been grown in Ohio, since they are a large national nursery company. I suspect they will do well this year, since they have stored energy in the rhizome from last year, but you may have some trouble with them next year. We would love to hear reports from you on how they do.

Here is my list of favorite rebloomers in my yard, but keep in mind, they usually only rebloom in the hot states:
Total Recall
Mariposa Autumn
Frequent Flyer
Alice Goodman
Violet Reprise

I buy my irises from companies that specialize in irises. Here's a link to Brighton Park Irises, which has a list of iris growers. You should take a look at their websites, but beware, you may empty your checking account.

Oh yeah- I don't fertilize. Don't know about other people.


Here is a link that might be useful: Links to Iris Growers

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mooseling(Z5 CO)

I rarely have them rebloom here in Colorado - also zone 5. But then, we're more likely to have early frosts here, so hopefully you'll have more luck than I do with them.

When I first put them in the ground, I use Miracle Grow soil with a bit of compost. The next year and every year after, I use a low nitrogen fertilizer in late summer. But I never used to fertilize, and they grew well that way too. I haven't yet determined if it's worth it to fertilize or not.

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honestly, i like Wild Iris Rows in Tennessee. they have a huge selection and they're only like zone 7 or something, i live in ontario and have had good luck with their iris.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wild Iris Rows

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