How is your Blushing Bride doing so far?

ostrich(3a AB)July 15, 2006

I wanted to get a white hydrangea - I was tempted to get a Blushing Bride but I got an Annabelle... anyway, I must say that when I saw the Blushing Bride in bloom at the nursery, I was not that impressed. I don't know if it's just that the plant was young (it was in at least a 3 gallon pot but it was not that big) so the blooms were smaller. Also, I didn't care too much for its colors then... I wonder how yours are doing, once they have grown bigger in the ground? Any photos to share please?

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sandykk(z6 MD)

I've been looking for one and Carroll Gardens just got a brand new shipment in yesterday. Their earier shipment went immediately. They looked great and most all had very nice large blooms on them. I think I'm going to like this one. In a couple years we will know for sure.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks, sandykk! I saw more Blushing Bride in another local nursery a couple of days ago. The foliage was great - the leaves seemed to have more substance than regular ES and the stems seemed to be more sturdy too. However, they had not a single bloom!

I wonder if anyone else has seen them?

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Found some at a closeout sale in a local nursery several weeks ago.
They were also in 3gal, but were large plants and in bloom.
The pink picotee and pink eye is attractive close up, but is barely noticable from a distance. The blooms are about the same size as the parent. ES. As ostrich mentioned, the foliage is a darker green and more substantial than ES, more like an ordinary macrophylla.
I haven't found any in one gal size this year. I guess the vendors are bumping them up to 3 gal pots to attract the landscape trade.

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doniki(z5/6 NE Ohio)

I just picked three of these up yesterday... 5gal pots, with a ton of blooms... They were a really nice light pink... They also had some 3gal, with no blooms.... I'm really into the regular ES this year, so I thought I try this one... Expensive though so it better be worth it! lol...

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BB is white with a pink fade in pots--in the ground a light blue/ a wonderful changeable plant

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Like everything else, BB with its properties could be a right plant for the right place/zone (for those who can't grow Sister Teresa or Mme Emile Mouillere inground).

In my garden it's a stronger grower and the same vigorius bloomer as ES.

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I love my BB - even w/o having tried other whites - she is the only ES improvement that I can't call pretentious diva! Scorched just a bit for losing the dappled aft'noon shade from a demised tree & steamy 100+ index - end of Jun. Hats off, to a tough bride!

She started out with less blossoms (tho larger) than last season but still producing new clusters to date! As a lone specimen here - needed some stakes/twine support.

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I have the same concerns about blushing bride and the new seraded pink . Our best local nursery brought in a bounch of all three for mothers day and only the blue ES looked good. The others looked really ragged so I refrained from buying . The nursery has them all looking good now but if they had trouble with them I am afaid I would really have a hard time getting them to look healthy. Its nice to hear folks here that have them are liking them so far.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

This is my third season with Blushing Bride, and at least mine SHOULD be blushing. I bought a one gallon plant. The first season, it was wonderful. Bloomed and bloomed. Last year, and THIS year, not one bloom. Yesterday, I could see that she is trying, but it looks like it will be a tiny little thing. I cannot understand it. The plant looks wonderful. It gets sun, moisture, and nutrition, but not to excess. My Endless Summers are spectacular. This one is a real disappointment.

I bought White Out this spring. At least for now, it is far superior to BB. We'll see in a year or two.

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G'morning - 3 seasons in my piece of soil, BB is the only one of the temperamental divas (ES family) that I'll tip my hat to!!! Â;) Despite our early start/harsh/past Winter & very trying Spring, she came up to the plate in her pure bridal regalia!!! The first of them to arrive & didn't bother with her maids-in-waiting! Pure white & love her as she is ... she scorched just a bit in those oppressively steamy, last 2 wks of June ... having lost her dappled shade from a demised tree, doesn't seem to faze her ... one tough bride she is!!! I just had to stake & twine around after 2 violent storms. Like all mop-heads she limps out but perks back up as expected ... glorious in the AM!!! Â;)

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Hi again George - 'found something interesting - I decided clip one of BB's maturing cluster, hiding underneath all the foliage & blossoms ... a very lovely looser cascading-like form. Some of the florets were double petaled ala MyM ... don't know if you can see from these shots - click to see closely. All other clusters are the usual full poms (shaped more like F&E) avg size of 18 x15cm, mostly oval than round.

Another interesting observation, on blossoms, a few clusters have uniformly, daintier florets, ala Annabelle's or young Limelight's ... difference is quite obvious to the eye, as they sit side by side.

Have you observed these on yours? ... 'wonder if this has to do with our reversal Spring & Summer situations this '09?

Here is a link that might be useful: Interesting BB

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

My BB shows no signs of blooming. I may move it to a spot with more sun next year to see if it does better (but I'm running out of hydrangea-loving spots!).

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G'morning Sue - How long have you had your BB & how much sun does she get?

If you had anything like our last Winter situation, perhaps roots are just redeveloping, stronger ones. I have 2 F&Es, bloomed for 2 seasons (not counting the planting yr) ... this season F&E#1 is blank, very likely due to our very harsh past killing-Winter. I didn't worry, as F&E#2 - protected & planted under river-rocks (that absorbed warmth for roots - just to see any diff) ... 2nd F&E produced blossoms, but is dwarf (abt 11" tall) in size compared to F&E#1(2'tall& bushier) ... neither of the 2 had any canes survived, even the protected one.

They do need some sun to bloom! Both my BB & F&E#2 get a bit more of sun than ideal ... suffers from some scorching on both blossoms & budding foliage. Your BB may still produce ... I just found a few late comers on mine just a bit smaller, very likely. Another note BB's # of blossoms, just half of last season's.

Good luck!

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

It was purchased and planted last year. It is on the north east corner of the house, so it gets direct sun for a few hours in the morning, and then some more (which is a little filtered) later. No signs of any buds at all. It's about 2x2. I've got so many things to move around that I'll likely give it through next season and if it doesn't bloom then it's being moved. I'm running out of ideal hydrangea areas!

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This is my 3rd year with my BB. It has grown larger each year with more blooms, but the blooms have gotten smaller. Previously the blooms started out white, then changed to pink, lavender, and magenta. This year they turned from white to green to brown. Someone on this forum told me that was normal, but hasn't been the norm before and I am dissappointed this year.

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sunnytop...try to feed your BB with a bloombooster kind of fertilizer, the high phosphates...i do that twice a yr for my hydrangeas, including BB...once in May, and a weak dose one in really helps...your plant is getting bigger and sending a lot of food in foliage development...high phosphates, or even an application of Espom salt will for browning, it happens to some blooms, but most of mine has gone thru the multicolor stage..did you check the watering schedule or sun BBs got a bit leggy this season from all the cool rain an cloudy skies here in the I prune the shrubs pretty heavily in July, now they are responding with a ton of growth from the lower buds..some even with small flower buds try to feed the shrub with some phosphates, Epsom salt in addition if you like -...use 1/2 dose of normal application for this time of the yr, and full dose next should see a difference.

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Thanks, orchidacea. I fed it with fish emulsion a few times early in the season. I noticed the things I used that on had a lot of growth, but poor flowering. I bet you are right about the phosphates. I have epsom salts too. They have gotten ample water this year and morning sun until noonish. I'll bet the fish emulsion was too high in nitrogen. Paul James from Gardening by the Yard boasts about fish emulsion so I thought I'd try that this year.

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I use Fish emulsion a lot, but never on hydrangeas, so can't tell you if that helps...when I use FE, I notice the plants get greener and prettier with foliage...that could be the problem..I use epsom on my gardenia, roses, a few times on the I know there is at least no harm to your blushing bride...try some high phosphate fertilizer - greenlite's superbloom (the one i use), mirgro bloombooster, or triple is getting late in the growing season, you should apply 1/2 the reco dose of fertilizer on the plants...give them a full dose next May when they begin to grow strongly after the winter sleep...should for the browning issue - looks like water and sun are not the little devils...hmmm..

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