Endless summer leggy

ladybuggyJuly 11, 2013

I bought 3 endless summer hydrangeas in 5 gallon pots this spring. Two are doing really well, they are full with lots of blooms. One is not doing so well. It doesn't seem to have any growth in the middle and looks leggy? Should I return it to the nursery? or give it another season to establish. The plant looks like it's split down the middle with nothing growing in the centre.

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I would swap it for a better one if that is ok with the nursery. Eventually it will fill out but, if a better specimen is available, why wait? Return it and get a better one.

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Thanks. I think I will bring it back as they do have a return policy. Even with stakes, the sides are flopping to the ground and the centre has dead stalks with no growth. Does not look good!

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