Can a Japanese Maple survive in the sun?

stinky-gardener(7/SouthEastern VA)October 31, 2008

I recently had a Crape Myrtle removed from a small courtyard adjacent to my front door. It was getting too big, brushing up against house & window, & the more I trimmed it, the bigger it grew. Decided I'd like to replace it w/ a smaller tree -- a Japanese Maple. Only thing is, the tree will be kind of 'out there' w/out the sunlight being filtered, though the courtyard is slighty recessed. I get morning shade, afternoon sun in this spot. Other plantings in this small area include: 1 fairly large gardenia, 2 camellias, 1 azalea, several holly ferns, a few coral bells, & a few Pierus (andromeda).

Is there a cultivar of JM that would do better in full sun than others? How about a Bloodgood? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Maybe the green acer palmatum, but not a bloodgood. It also depends on the soil and location. I would get something native over a japanese maple as they are really expensive and not very happy in full sun z7.

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I was under the impression that Bloodgood was one of the better ones that could take the sun. I see them all over Richmond doing fine. Talk to your local nursey. My Crimson Queen is in sun for about 6 hours a day and only starts to get a little crispy at the end of August. I think if you keep it well watered for its first few years, it will adjust, but your nursery guy will know better.

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My summers are definitely zone 7.
I have a Boskoop Glory that gets full sun after 12 and does well. It turns a pretty orange-red in fall.
I've bought a lot of JMs from World Plants as 1-yr and 2- yr. olds that have arrived very healthy and are thriving (if you don't want to spend much and have a lot of time for them to grow up).
I also have 2-yr.-old Osakazuki & Hogyoku that are pretty much in full sun and are doing fine. But I do water in dry spells.
I have a Bloodgood also near the Boskoop Glory, but its leaves can get pretty shabby by summer's end. World Plants says "Emperor" is like Bloodgood but leafs out later (saving it from frosts) and can take more sun.

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Stinky what is your general location, zone ?
I live in NW Florida , I have Ozakazuke, shin Desojo, and Bloodgood in the full sun.
Down here you have to be carefull until they are well established, then they take care of themselves.
I use a heavy pine needle mulch. Make sure they don't dry out for a couple of years.
If your in a real hot area you also have to worry about sunscald if you are taking a shade grown tree and putting it out in full sun. If you put it out in the winter it should adapt before summer. At least that works for me.
All that being said, If I had a choice I'd prefer afternoon shade.
Good Luck

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