Hydroponic Strawberries Questions

NuclearTech76August 11, 2014

I have quite a few questions. I've watched a lot of vids on youtube and referenced a lot on the internet but I'm even more confused for the most part. So hopefully someone can help me out.

1)What kinds do the best in hydroponics?

Everything I've seen recommends day neutral. Is that correct and if so what particular kinds have you had success with IE Seascape, etc.

2)Is NFT the best system for them?

Currently planning to use 5x5 8 ft long vinyl square posts.

3)Is there a media that is preferred over the others?
I have access to perlite, coco, hydroton, rockwool, etc. Or a mix of some of the above.

4)Size of the net pots?
I've heard 2 inch are sufficient especially if the system is running all the time.

Thanks in advance for the answers and advice. I'll likely have plenty of other questions as well since this is my first venture into hydroponics.

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I've tried several kinds in hydro. Loran and Ozark beauty have done the best for me in zone 5. Both are everbearing and produce in spurts.

I use NFT outdoors, with hydroton, in 3" net pots.

In the picture the strawberries are on top with other
plants and tomatoes on the bottom. The Ozarks are on the left. The Lorans are more compact but do well.

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