Anyone have expierence in growing Tomatoes hydroponically?

bulletproof2(NY)August 27, 2005

Hello, I need a bit of help with growing Tomatoes. I previously grew Cucumbers and I had alot of trouble with managing my nutrient solution. It seems it was very easy to overfertilize the plant, even with the slightest amounts. Basically I couldn't even come close to an EC of 1.0. I want to grow some dwarf tomatoes from seed, however I need a general idea of how much nutrient to use. I will be using the General Hydroponics 3 part nutrient solution, I was thinking of going on two weeks of plain water to irrigate the rockwool after germination, and after two weeks I was going to use 1/4 teaspoon of each bottle, after that I'm not sure how much to increase by. Does this sound like a good plan?

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zipper3(7 wa)

here is a link which should be helpfull.Have you ever considered using coco coir?I too have not been able to reach full strength.I have grown dwarf tomatoes indoors under lights,and outdoors.each variety seems to have a diff. tolerance to nutrient strength.

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