B. chinensis Seedling Photo

soilent_greenApril 7, 2011

Last winter I did an online trade and received seed for Belamcanda chinensis Blackberry Lily (which is actually an iris). I have a photo of some nice little plants, just transplanted into pots. The seeds were planted in early March.

If interested, click this link to see my photo.

My Photo

The following is a link to a nice little page describing this variety:

Blackberry Lily


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i want it!
I guess that's the one plant that would complete any iris lovers collection!

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Well, I might be offering these up for adoption next fall after they have had a growing season to establish themselves. I have noticed that the link I provided and other links state that the lowest zone applicable for these plants is zone 5.

I live in zone 4 so I don't know if they will winter over here. I do know that I have tried many zone 5 plant varieties and have never had success. Some varieties would survive a winter or two and then one of our harsh winters would occur and kill them off.

It never occurred to me to check the growing range. I figured it's an iris - I have lots of iris so no reason they shouldn't work. I counted yesterday and I have 47 happy little babies. Bummer.

I would love to hear if anyone is growing these successfully in a rural area (not in a town or city) in zone 4. Thanks in advance.


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Thought I would post an update. My blackberry lilies are surviving the winters up here just fine. Took two years for them to finally bloom and I was rewarded with a wonderful display. It is a very pretty flower - delicate, unassuming, and unpretentious. It fits in nicely in the sunny spots alongside my native woodland wildflowers, along with other non-natives such as my checkered lily fritillaria.

My point is that reputable reference material lists these plants as hardy only down to zone 5 but mine are growing in zone 4b, and I gave a bunch away to someone in zone 4a and they are having success as well. If you live in zone 4 do not be afraid to give them a try!


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

That's good news, Tom. It's such a fine little plant, and comes in so many different colors now.

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