Large scale cherry tomato production?

thamnophisAugust 28, 2012

Does anyone know of anyone or company producing cherry or grape tomatoes on a larger scale - thousands of plants? If so, please let me know!



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Did you ever have anyluck finding one?

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Have no idea about tomato production, but a couple years ago I stumbled upon an enterprise growing hydroponically grown organic cucumbers individually packaged for the market. They also have quite a large piece of property with a dozen or more large greenhouses. So......I would guess with enough $$ and "want to" anything's possible.

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Try some Alberta Canada "hydroponic tomato" searches.

Also FDA and Dep of Ag studies from Perdue and Iowa State. I had some hard copies but can't seem to find them. They were a great resource and some went as far as complete investment and cost breakdown of various production runs.

Best of success.

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Yes they are widely out there. The tomato shortage after the frost in Florida 2 years ago, led to the price rising. The whole nation depended on greenhouse produced crops. Many of these crops were raised hydroponicly due to the large increase in efficiency per space.

I professionally consult on commercial hydroponic systems that would blow your mind.

Chris higgins

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydro unlimited: Hydroponic Store & Information Resource

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