Hydro Pepper Plants are huge but no flower sites

fusion94August 15, 2012

Not really sure what is causing this issue at this point.

Temps are low to mid 90's during the day mid to high 70's at night. 20 gallon Res and the temps are staying close to low to mid 80's during the day.

Using GH Flora 3 part for nutes but i am now running a 1-3-5 ratio of grow-micro-bloom. I am also using koolbloom and floralicious plus in the recommended strengths. Ph right around 6ish. Some of the plants are starting to produce long thin branches with few leaves. Is it time to cut back or increase bloom even more? Plants look great right now. huge leaves dark green. Small bug issue but that is coming under control. Any Ideas?

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Here is another pic. this one should show the brown roots i am getting. have to think it is a result of the water res temps.

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a fellow who used to post here and grew a lot of peppers said he wouldn't use any of the grow part when mixing his nutrients. Said too much nitrogen keeps the plant from properly fruiting.
But yeah, those are some huge plants. when I grow peppers they're usually only 12"-18" tall.

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Maybe it has to do with sun.

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i would think it must be too much nitrogen? Even if Ph is in the 6 range. The plants look great! Cut them back, IMHO.

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did a res change this weekend to 25 gallons with 7 tbl Micro and 18 tbl bloom and 4 tbl koolbloom. if this doesnt get them going then i am outta ideas

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Bloom fertilizers are a myth.

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.... except that they arent... i have hundreds of new flower sites developing now. and all i did was drop the gro and up the bloom and add more koolbloom. nothing else changed... actually we have had more cloudys since i changed the res but res temp are still the same. and i am guessing you have never seen the effects of cannaboost with pk13/14

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But it's not some magic juju in the bloom fertilizer. All you did was modify the nutrient solution to persuade your peppers it was time to fruit. I believe that is what Mastergardener meant.

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bloom booster are formulated to provide a more specific ratio of nutes that the plant requires to either begin the process of producing flower sites or making the fruit/veggies/whatever else fuller/denser/heavier. so no, just adding a bloom booster wont make peppers appear out of thin air but it can add to the # of flower sites that a plant will produce. whereas if you didnt add any you very well might still have flower sites just not as many. so i wouldnt call them a myth.

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Nope they are a myth.


High P boosters are a big myth too. Plants uptake nutrients at a 3;1;2 ratio- it is science :)

For the record I even use maxibloom 5-15-14 but understand I would not have to use it to get blooms.

I have pepper plants I only gave miracle gro 24-8-16 and they are so loaded with peppers they are falling over!

If people understood science they would not be able to sell most of the crap you see in the hydro stores.

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Here we go. This plant was fertilized with all purpose miracle 24-8-16.

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i have to say somethings about the magic potions

first off

many of the bloom boosters have added plant growth regulators/hormones not listed like triacontenol, Gibberlins, cytokins, NAA. IBA and many more ..thus the response in many cases

the debate should be about the use of these PGRs without the label stating so

as for the science .. it is true, based on the label alone (meaning active elemental properties such as Potassium or phospurus) there scientificly appears to be no difference between a basic monopotassium phopsphate salt diluted in water vs a liquid store bought fetilizer claiming to only contain P-K while theres actually hormoned included also

its a trick in advertising

either way were being charged way to much and being lied to

but inn the end its funny cuz your both correct.. in your way

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All of those are a big waste to, but please, don't take my word for it. I hope to work in a hydro store some day so it is best if everyone keeps thinking all those really grow plants quiker. Ha! ;)

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