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melaroma(6)July 10, 2011

I struggled with my shade bed for two years, moved the plants so many times that I was shocked that I didn't loose any of them and now on the third year I have finally accomplished being happy with it. I hated shade and all the challenges it presented and hated how I had to work with the textures and foliage and go with very little amount of blooms. Now I love it so much that I want to yank out the plants with lots of blooms in the sunny beds and replace with rich textured plants that look good for most of the season. lol. Never happy, I know...

Here are the pictures of the almost final product (almost because we all know that it never really is completely finished). I would like to add another ES to the bed and might need to replace the BB due to it not producing blooms very well but we will see. Mind you some of the plants are still young and will fill in.

Hope that you will enjoy my hard work :)

My favorite Combo:

Limelight and jackmanii clematis that I bought almost dead last fall.

My Baby: ES

My Clematis Piilu:

My First ES and Annabell with a favorite Hosta at the front:

My 2nd year ES with a mighty mouse hosta at the front:

My struggling BB:

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Very nice! I really like all of the combinations you have, especially the hosta/hydrangea.

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Thanks rmac! That is my favorite combo too which is why id like to add more hydrangeas.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

If gardening becomes a hobby, be prepared to pull that bed out further!

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rozaholik(Z7 LongIslandNY)

Sweet! Really nice mix there!

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

How lovely! I bet you keep looking at everything. I would!

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Thanks! Gardening has been a hobby for some time now but that bed has a cement edging that makes it difficult to bring the bed out (one of the reasons i had such a hard time planting the bed). I considered taking the edging out but seems like too much trouble and we will be moving next spring.

I do like to walk by a lot and enjoy it mehearty.

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plant_maniac10000001(6 OH)

Awesome! Love the ES/BB/hosta combo too! I've been trying to do something similar with ASB/hosta in a similar space, though not as elaborate as yours (yet?). May I ask what direction the bed faces, melorama?

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Plantmaniac, thank you. The bed faces completely north so it gets about three or four hours of sun between early morning and late afternoon. The only part that gets almost full sun is the far left corner which is where the limelight is planted.

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