Historical Iris ID

svanessa(9/SoCal)April 3, 2012

I've looked thru all the HIPS photos trying to ID this histrical iris. I've come close with Stamboul or Crusader but not quite there. Anyone have other possibilities? It's lived at least 60-70 years in my grandparents garden, now mine. Very lovely and fragrent. Stems are not strong and easily grow with curving shapes. Flower stalks are tall, around 35-40". Photos look like a bitone but the falls and standards are the same med lavender color.



Ramona, Ca

Here is a link that might be useful: Grandma's Iris

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Ramona, sorry I can't help but it is sure a pretty iris. Hope you find out who it is. Marg

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I have a similar iris in my yard- I'll post photos when they open next week. Not quite as elegant as yours in form, but also grandpa's iris, growing here when I moved in.

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How about a Iris Germanica? Candy

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Hi Candy,

Thanks but I don't think it's I. germanica. That iris's beard fades to blue but mine is thick vibrant yellow/orange. Also the reticulations are not as pronounced on germanica and it's also a darker purple from the photos I've seen. Mine looks much like Stamboul, an I. cypriana var.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

That would have been My suggestion for your Iris. There are a few others that look like that. Will have to compare and see.

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Is the flower large? it could be Wm Setchell.

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My iris is 4" from tip of fall to tip of fall and 5" tall, from top of standard to tip of fall. It's very symmetrical in width from standards to falls.

The reticualtions on my iris extend down past the beard unlike most named varieties I've seen. Wm Setchell's rets do not go past the beard and also receeds at the edges so it's close but I don't think mine is this one.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I came up with some for you to mark Off your list of possibilities!
If photos no longer available at site, I have a copy - can email.

Anne Newhard - maybe too bi-color

Bluejay - (Farr'13) close, vein area not quite a match, at Dave's Garden.

Caterina - at Superstition & Dave's.

Celeste - (Lemon, 1848) doesn't seem to have reflexed standards that are so graceful on yours. See Laurie's pic at Dave's.

Conquistador - beard ends with more white ? and veined area not extending under beard.

Lady Fosta - one pic very washed out at Irislanthelme (oops, they don't seem to be online anymore).

Nuee D'Orage - veined haft not extending under beard at Superstition.

It would be interesting to see if every year the vein area is constant. I have noticed slight variation on ruffling in sucessive years (only because I had pics - looked the same to my eye). And "space agers" can vary on the beards.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Pretty Iris. Wish I could help, I'm way to green to be of any help. A lot of helpful & knowledgeable people here though.
(keeping my word on not being just a lurker) lol

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