really loving hostas

blackgavotte(5aNS)June 9, 2014

This is now my third summer in the maritimes, and more and more I love the hostas. They are incredible ! There was one medium sized stand of them when I bought this house, in the fall of 2011. So. spring 2012 I moved them, divided them into three or four clumps, one clump in the poorest, hardest spot, and just topped it all off with new dirt, and now, this third summer, I have incredible hostas all along one side, two large and vigorous clumps and still the odd one coming up so I can move it, from the original stand. They have to be the strongest, and to my eyes, beautiful too, items in the garden. So carefree. They are taking sun and shade, crappy ground, rocks, salty air, and still keep smiling at me. If I remember what the other forum people told me, the main one I have is Variegatum Undulatum ????????? and if I have that wrong, don't care, I love them. Just sayin'. :D

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jan_on zone 5b

And another one catches the bug! Welcome! What's not to love about hostas? Very soon you will care very much about the ID of your plants,as well as the rest of the vast collection you are about to start amassing! It is inevitable......there is no preventive vaccine....just enjoy the ride!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

undulata variegata ...

welcome ... the ONT peeps can lead you to Canadian mail order options... its how we get more of our hosta ...


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robo (z6a)

Hello from Halifax! I too have the bug and have just started collecting! Some of our local nurseries get interesting varieties in from local growers. There's at least one other Nova Scotian who frequents the forum who has an impressive collection (at least by my standards! :)

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robo (z6a)

Double post.

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Depending on your perspective + the level of your addiction, it may bug you that I live within driving distance of O'Brien Hosta which is where I bought my first "designer" plants many years ago. Subsequently I picked up quite a few more bare-root named varieties. While I've always loved hosta, I'm enjoying them even more as I learn more and experience their various personalities.

Over the weekend I divided H. 'Middle Ridge' into 16 large segments which I gave to my daughter this afternoon. I kept a good-sized chunk of the original plant and set it back where it had been growing for nearly 10 years.

In most situations, hosta sneers at tree roots, ignores weeds and requires zero care or attention from the gardener other than admiration and appreciation.

Have to confess I'm always surprised when people say they "hate" hosta. What's not to love?

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Yeah, what's not to love about hostas? Those 'hosta haters' are weird, best to steer clear of THOSE people. Bad Juju.

Yeah, I said it. THOSE people. ; P

Don B.

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Those hosta haters are just quitters. The individual who dug up wheelbarrow loads of hostas he "hated" & sent me home with them finally admitted to me, in the deli section of the supermarket a week or so ago, that he now--30 years later--loves them. So if you don't love them at first sight, I'm thinking it's an acquired taste, with age & garden experience factored into the equation.

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enjoying all the posts, and no doubt I will become more attuned to names and specifics, but right now I am just enjoying the fact that they can help fill in the rather bland landscape that was here, difficult corners etc, and they just keep growing and thriving. I'll no doubt want to take a look at mail order later. Right now I'm still in love with variegata undulata, and the couple of blue, more solid ones that are here. Maybe soon I'll put pictures of them up to see what they might be.

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mary4b(4b WI)

I'm thinking...if you're in love with variegata undulata, you are a goner for hostas! Good for you! And it IS a lovely beauty in the spring and early summer. Did she stay nice for you past July last year? Maybe she is in the PERFECT spot at your place. She gets ratty, sunburned and battered looking for me once the summer heat comes about.

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santamiller(8b TX)

In the South most people have never even heard the word hosta, and most of those who try them fail and then tell people that they are a waste of time. I have twice this year overheard conversations at a local nursery from people about how they lost all of their hostas from the year before. I of course had to jump in and explain some things to them. :) A guy yesterday looked totally shocked when I told him I started keeping them three years ago and they have done well for me. He said he bought 10 last year and only one came back. I told him to try pots. He saidâ¦..we'll that's the only one that came back. HELLO!! Ding ding. They take some effort and research to keep alive in this part of the country. Most people aren't willing to do that. They want to plant things and forget them. The people who are willing to put forth the effort become addicts.

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Hi again, and Mary 4 b, yes, I now know my v.u. is considered a good old work horse, but I'd never grown hosta when I lived in B.C. and really just moved the little stand that was here to make a place for roses in that spot.. I did not expect the vibrancy and determination the hosta showed, and fell in love with it. By Sept. they do look somewhat ratty but I figure like an old pet, you just keep 'em comfortable and remember the good times when they graced the landscape all summer, and were so nice to look at... Here in Nova Scotia I have never, ever, seen the amazing, large, varied, HEALTHY hostas anywhere I see around here. I think the fact that the sun is never extremely strong and the moisture here, keeps them very happy. I shall now endeavour to post a picture of just one of the "new" hosta areas started from some of the bits of that original stand. Remember this is only my 3rd summer here, I think I'm ready to add a few new ones along this same area.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

posts dont cost anything...

and many of us.. dont come back to the same old posts repeatedly ...

so when you want to change a subject.. start a new post ... though it is completely up to you ....

seeing the pic above.. my first question is... whats the hedge.. and will it suck the life out of any hosta.. other than the undulata there???

man thats some heavy duty clothes line posts.. what do you hang on it.. engine blocks?? ... lol ..


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Haven't got a clue what the hedge is, but it shades those hostas from the south sun.. the other side of the clothesline post has some shade plants, so far everything seems to be doing just fine... haven't hung any engine blocks out yet but man, when you see the wind we get here more often than I like, I'm good with the good sturdy posts.. never had a clothesline before, so lots of new things to learn about here in N.S. TTFN.

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