Love Pat

paul_in_mn(4b)June 3, 2012

Some don't care for the cupped hosta because they collect leaves and debris, but I don't mind - that is part of the charm of a woodsy looking garden. For me this was a must have plant due to my DW's name - Love Pat and Paul's Glory (not too bad a pair of hosta). Had a nice growth spurt this year, adding 4 eyes. Planted in 2005 and growing under Oaks. Very nice blue.

This group has pretty much overgrown the path to the glider. Pictured with Love Pat - June, El Capitan, and Paradigm.

Please add your pics of Love Pat (if I recall correctly, Don has a very nice one).

Thanks for looking.


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Not a recent picture, but it's stilll in the same spot and growing like a weed. It's been in this same place since 1995 and sure has lots of seedling.....Every where!!!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Very nice! I like Love Pat a lot! Nice combination you have there.


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jan_on zone 5b

Paul - nice husky healthy looking jack-in-the-pulpit holding his own there with the hosta crew!

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The name Love Pat drives me crazy, because every time I hear it, the song "Love Shack" by the B-52's pops into my head and I hate that song! "Love Pat, bay-bee"

But the hosta is very nice. Mine is still in the process of standing up and stretching out, but here it is today in the rain. I like it when the Bridal Veil astilbe behind it is in bloom

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Thanks for adding comments and pics.

Jan, one of the first plants I grew in a garden of mine was a Jack from my Grandma's garden - that was 40+ years ago. These are all offspring from her original clump. She had a wonderful garden on a city keeps me tied to her.

coll_123, love the painted ferns.


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This one came with the house. I have divided it many times so I have lots of them. None as big as this one.

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Paul, I don't mind the debris either.
Lucky, that is a gorgeous specimen of Love Pat.
Coll, consider yourself a teacher - I stare at your gardens and learn.

Context - Love Pat at 3 o'clock


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